I would certainly favor to create a narrative sentence describing the names and also birth and death days of a provided individual. Would it be acceptable to put the wife"s maiden name, complied with by the days, within one set of parentheses? Example: John Smith was the kid of Robert (1702-1758) and also Jane (Baker, 1705-1750) Smith. What about italics for the maiden name?



What you perform comes down to individual preference yet I think it would certainly be much better to create your sentence prefer this:

John Smith was the son of Robert (1702-1758) and also Jane (née Baker; 1705-1750) Smith.

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Words "née" just indicates "born".


I discover the bare name, e.g. "Baker", a little jarring as its existence is unexpected and also occasionally can be taken as something else, such as an occupation. Using "née", "maiden name", or probably "born", can assist smooth this over.

An alternative I frequently usage is this:

John Smith was the child of Jane Baker (1705-1750) and also Robert Smith (1702-1758).


I typically record all my information prefer this:

John Smith Father: Robert Smith, born 1702, died 1758 Mother: Jane (Baker) Smith, born 1705, died 1750.I put the birth/maiden name in parenthesis. Nothing is in italics. You could desire to use bold for the surnames.

Doing it this means permits for extra indevelopment, e.g. the location they were born or passed away, spoprovides, kids, various other events in their life, and so on

If I was going to expression it as a sentence, then I"d say:

John Smith"s father was Robert Smith that was born in 1702 and passed away in 1758. John"s mother was Jane (Baker) Smith that was born in 1705 and also died in 1750.

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