I have actually been playing as the game understand for Cevery one of Cthulhu for some time, and Ive had actually 2 GREAT sessions and three not so stellar ones. The initially was the classical "Haunting" scenario and the various other great one was a homebrew I made around cults birpoint area babies. The good characteristics of each are as follows; They were open ended, scary, and also the players were able to take charge of the instance. The main difficulties Im having actually through the scenarios are....

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I have trouble making scenarios where the explacountry isnt just "magic"

It is incredibly tough to put all the personalities together in a means that feels natural

I often thinks of scares before thinking of the story

I cant number out exactly how to use the monsters appropriately (should combat ever before be made necessary?)

I have actually obstacle making leads for the personalities to follow

My players tell me I excel at making the scenarios scary, however I constantly feel prefer the pacing is screwed and also the explacountries are disjointed. How can I improve every one of these?

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I've been running CoC given that mid-summer, I'm sort of brand-new at it yet below is my advice from my experience. Take it with a grain of salt.

First off, CoC is a secret fixing game. They speak to the major characters investigators for a factor. They're meant to be investigating somepoint. I was once given the advice for nWoD (and I believe it uses right here as well) that when crafting an enigma you have to work backwards from the inciting incident. You're layering an onion or something.

So for example in nWoD I once ran a decent one-shot around a haunted high institution and a conspiracy of silence surrounding the town's dark past. I didn't start by producing the tvery own. I didn't begin by reasoning of scenes the players might have actually that would be creepy. I began by studying why the school was haunting. What happened? From there you start seeding clues into the plot and occupational backwards.

So in the instance of the haunted school tright here was a fire. Why was tright here a fire? What occurred to the arsonist? Who spanned it up? Why was it covered up?

After you occupational your means backwards and also gain to the inciting event think around how the players get affiliated. Throughout this procedure be seeding the story through hints and feasible locations for the players to check out. Don't go overboard but don't have also little either. You desire to have enough array in places to hunt dvery own leads that it feels fun.

In my case the local library had old records of the newspaper reports of the fire. The official reason, and so on. I'm sure I'm pgetting to to the choir with this, however if you weren't conscious I hope some of that helped.

Onto your other points.

I have trouble making scenarios wbelow the explacountry isnt just "magic"

It is magic though. In my endure I have personally invested much less time on coming up with detailed explanations for why things occupational the method that they execute. In horror you aren't expected to recognize. Don't worry as well much about metaphysical inquiries in a horror setting, component of the horror for the players is them not understanding themselves. I think it's perfectly okay for the explacountry to be magic. So long as it fits thematically through Cthulhu and isn't silly. It's a fine line to walk yet I personally don't worry around it as well much.

For instance I freshly introduced time travel right into my CoC chronicle. Long story short Nyarlathotep has actually granted some of his minions the ability to bfinish area and also time to accomplish their incredibly specific duties. Why? Due to the fact that he's a Elder God and he deserve to carry out what he wants!

The monstrosities that the investigators come up versus are expected to be horrible and ghastly. They're expected to not exactly follow our ideals of how truth functions. That's component of the horror.

So personally I'd advise that you sheight getting caught up on a lack of detailed explacountry for magical points. Now I will certainly say that the magic does need an ideas. So Nyarlathotep isn't bfinishing time for no factor in my story, he has a pretty damn necessary reason.

Speaking of which just as a side point, one Cthulhu storyteller to an additional, I'd prefer advice on what none TPK related things an Elder God would do for revenge on a party of investigators who have taken something that belongs to him? I don't desire to kill my players outbest with somepoint cheap, yet I perform want to make it clear that they're pissed off an Elder Being. You know?

Anymethod back to talking about your case. Pulling together personalities is hard. It's hard in any type of game and in CoC it's particularly difficult as a result of how many kind of human being die. Some Keepers produced a whole establishing bereason of this difficulty, Delta Environment-friendly. It's a FBI XFiles prefer agency dedicated to investigating Mythos Activity. Personally I don't usage it, I'm simply sharing the instance because plainly you're not alone in having this trouble.

I'd advise talking to your players and letting them know that it's a team game and also they're supposed to work-related together. I'd likewise recommfinish that the amount of fatality is only as a lot as you make it to be. I've been running considering that mid-summer and we've only had 2 PCs die. It isn't naturally scary to make every little thing super deadly.

I will certainly say though that your players simply need to duty via it. I'm not doing a monster of the week style game, mine is even more serialized. It's one story told week to week. Thus I always ask the players once they re-roll to give me a hook as to why they're interested in the offered investigation. In my game for instance, among them had a friend of theirs killed in the line of duty. This frifinish taken place to be an NPC that aided the party out a few times and also then died bereason of it. (#1 Lesson of Horror, never before help the heroes unmuch less you have a fatality wish.) So anyway this character was the NComputers partner in the police department. He began tracking leads and also gained deeply connected in weird.

Now you can make the dispute that the character might react differently as soon as he discovered the party right. Instead of tagging alengthy he might have decided that the party is guilty and also been hostile to them. And I don't know if I personally have actually the perfect solution yet I simply don't permit that in my games. The players all understand that it's a group game and also they're supposed to get alengthy (for the many part).

I regularly thinks of scares prior to reasoning of the story

That's perfectly okay, especially bereason it seems favor you're doing a monster of the week kind game. I'd advise utilizing the scares as catalyst. Maybe keep a notebook and create a bunch of motivation down. Creepy scenes from your creative thinking. Or just monster ideas. I have actually a GM notebook that I have actually GM advice in, impetus concepts, and future story hooks. I'll attempt to remember to link to some resources for creating a decent tableheight story.

I cant number out just how to usage the monsters effectively (have to combat ever be made necessary?)

Monsters are only as neccessary as you and also your group make them. CoC is exceptionally lethal. That doesn't mean you have to have a deadly fight every session. If your players desire this though, go for it. My players favor Roleplay and also examination. Which is most likely why they've survived so long. Not extremely many type of activity packed moments. But the activity packed moments we have had actually have actually been incredibly intense. It just counts on what your team wants.

I'll offer you one more item of advice, and this one can be destructive relying on who you talk to. Personally, I don't treatment about statblocks. I don't need to recognize the monsters stats all planned out. I have actually been known to make points up on the fly. This is unorthodox yet nobody hregarding understand so lengthy as you're fair around it. Your focus imho should be on telling a really cool collaborative story, the mechanics are additional. This is simply my individual opinion though. Obviously don't be unfair or anypoint like that. It's just a time saving guideline I have actually for you. If you want to make a custom monster, you have the right to just make stuff up.

I have challenge making leads for the personalities to follow

So final bit of advice relates to this. Watch TV for inspiration and clues on how this might work. I've been watching Superherbal lately, which is choose Hunter: the Vigil the TV present. And most the episodes follow a monster of the week format. I imagine X-Files (duh) or a show prefer Fringe would certainly likewise work for this. Often the characters in those shows are investigating a paranormal event.

Some things to take note of, exactly how carry out the ideas lead right into each other? How execute the protagonists acquire involved in the story? Often it's a phone speak to in Supernatural from a friend of theirs. But it can be a newspaper report that you understand the indicators of being paranormal. "Family discovered dead with razor sharp candycanes in their neck. The police have actually no present leads, lock your doors tbelow is a murderer on the loose!" That's a hook! (I used it for my Christmas game.) Anyway. Hope I aided.

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Story Tips: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/62239/SAS-Support-Kit-standard-variation (This is less of exactly how to carry out a Tablepeak Story and more of a method of structuring your notes. Personally I need to have actually a template setup for myself in order to plan an excellent session. It's geared towards nWoD but the style of notes is pertinent no issue the mechanism.)

Picture of the document how I usage it. http://puu.sh/mltVt/68f2c9e576.png Edit: I have to modify my layout to be even more universal. I commonly edit it to make it fit whatever mechanism I'm using. In the image it's still setup for nWoD. Oh well.