Turn a not-so-flattering dress right into a super basic skirt via this simple no-sew technique!

I discovered this summery dress at JCrew a few months back, and also loved the colors. It felt so preppy and nautical, I imagined it as the perfect casual summer dress. I tried it on and it just fit …weird. Like it was intended to be slouchy, however the waist hit me in a negative spot (most likely bereason I’m 6 ft tall), and also the stripes made me look …not very slender.

I bought it anyway because it was $20 on clearance, and let’s be hocolony, I’m a sucker for an excellent deal. I tried to readjust the straps to make it hang differently, tried a belt to bring in the waist, yet it never before looked appropriate. I asked my husband if it was horrible, and his response was, “Well, it doesn’t look great…”

So that sealed this not-so-flattering dress’s fate.

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Time to revolve it right into a skirt, without sewing!

This principle can be supplied on several various kinds of dresses, simply look for ones via a waistband, that would look great via a drawstring. My mommy did a similar refashion with a strapless maxi-dress that she turned right into a maxi skirt.

How to Turn a Dress into a Skirt Without Sewing

First stare at your dress and make a arrangement. This is incredibly important.

Eincredibly dress is made a little differently, so you will should check it to check out what your options are. My dress has actually an elastic waistband, sealed in a casing. My setup was to cut off the height of the dress, above the waistband also. Luckily because its knit cloth, it won’t fray or unravel. So it doesn’t should be hemmed and also it would look fine via a raw edge.

But since the elastic wasn’t tight sufficient, I had to figure out just how to cinch it up. I thought about using ribbon or some type of cording, however it wasn’t the look I wanted. I could have used the cloth from the top and also sewn a drawstring, yet it appeared prefer also a lot occupational. And then I realized I might use the straps as a drawstring.

I recognize.Genius.

So, begin by turning your dress inside out. Make sure you recognize wright here to cut, and then do it. Its scary, however simply make certain you’re cutting in the ideal location. Take a deep breath…


You might use ribbon or whatever else you desire for the drawstring. If your straps are favor mine and you want to use them, initially reduced off the slider thing. Stare at it initially to make sure that you reduced it in the right spot.

Do the very same point to the other strap, and also then pull the slider thingys off.

Now, my straps weren’t long sufficient to use on their very own as the drawstring, and then I realized that I could cut the finished edge off through the straps and also it would make one long string. So I very closely cut just listed below the seam, all the means roughly the top of the dress.

Clean up the string, reduced off any tags or loops.

Now that we’ve gained the string, time to fish it through the waistband also. Cut a tiny slit in the front center of the waistband also.

And then attach a safety pin to the end of the string, and also fish it through the slit, and then all the way around the waistband, til it comes out the slit aobtain.

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Easy peasy!

Good sharp scissors will really assist through this project. My favorite are these pink and white scissors from Amazon. They’re on the smaller sized side, however I find myself using them even more than any kind of of my various other pairs.


I hope that helps with your dress to skirt refashion! If you require more aid, you can completely email me at slrfc.orgmy