Any decent kitchen nowadays have to come with an excellent range hood. The array hood doesn’t just circulate fresh air around the room, making it easier for you to breathe. It will likewise safeguard you from noxious fumes created by the burning stoveoptimal.

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Range hoods are often vented by means of the ceiling bereason hot air rises. However before, if this is not feasible for whatever before factor, you deserve to also vent your range hood on an inner wall.

In this overview, you will certainly learn specifically exactly how to vent array a hood on an interior wall.


How to Vent a Range Hood on an Interior Wall: Types of Range Hood

Key Types

There are a number of kinds of variety hoods and not all of them require a ventilation duct. Therefore, make sure that the form of selection hood you have actually requires a duct before proceeding.

Ducted Range Hood

Ducted selection hoods are very well-known because of their performance at extracting food preparation fumes and providing clean air to the kitchen. A ventilation duct connects the variety hood to the exterior, wbelow cooking fumes are released and fresh air is taken in.

With This type of range hood, you can vent it ideal via the ceiling utilizing a vertical duct. But you have the right to likewise vent it via the wall making use of a horizontal duct if essential. That also includes the option of venting on the house’s interior wall.

A ducted range hood hregarding be associated to a ventilation duct to work.
Ductmuch less Range Hood

A ductless range hood does not require facility ventilation ductwork to run (hence “ductless”).

Inside a ductmuch less array hood is a carbon air filter. The selection hood sucks in the cooking fumes and the filter takes out every one of the contaminants and odors. Then, the clean air is recirculated earlier right into the kitchen rather than vented.

Ductless array hoods are wanted in tiny kitchens as a result of their affordcapability. Indeed, they’re much less reliable than their ducted counterparts, but it’s better than having no variety hood at all.

Ductless/Recirculating selection hoods perform not require a ventilation mechanism.
Convertible Range Hood

A convertible array hood is a mix of the 2 types disputed over.

Convertible selection hoods are connected to a ducting device, so they feature favor your typical ducted array hood. But the unique thing around a convertible is that, when needed, you can additionally seal off the ducts. When this happens, the charcoal filters filter and recirculate the air. This efficiently transforms the range hood from ducted to ductless.

Convertible selection hoods are particularly famous in colder regions. Ducted variety hoods have the right to attract in the cold air from exterior, making the kitchen chillier. In contrast, a ductmuch less device keeps the warmth fully inside the residence.

The ability to switch back and also forth is hugely appreciated among individuals.

As meant, convertibles are quite expensive. But the majority of people consider them to be well worth the price.

A convertible has to be connected to a vent duct, but it’s not absolutely required.

Mount Types

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

Wall-placed range hoods are attached to the wall of the kitchen. They come with an adjustable chimney for even more functional ventilation manage. This kind is often the go-to for huge kitchens.

Generally, when you install a wall-mounted array hood, a cabinet compartment is removed to make area for the unit. If your kitchen doesn’t have a cabinet, the variety hood deserve to ruin the all at once aesthetic of the area.

Wall-mounted array hoods can be vented vertically and also horizontally.

A convertible has to be linked to a vent duct, however it’s not absolutely required.
Island also Mount Range Hoods

Island mount range hoods are preferred in huge kitchens via a main island also counter.

Regardless of being ducted, island mount array hoods usually aren’t as efficient as wall-installed ones. This is because there are no bordering wall surfaces to contain the cooking fumes, so they can spreview around more easily. So, you constantly need to buy island also mount variety hoods that are a dimension or two bigger to properly ventilate all the fumes.

Unlike a wall-mount range hood which partly rests on the wall, an island mount’s weight is totally supported by the ceiling. Because of this, you have to be extra mindful of all the bracings and also supports when installing this type of duct.

Though less effective and also even more facility to install, this form is wanted in kitchens through main islands.
Under Cabinet

Under cabinet selection hoods are set up in the bottom of the cabinets above the stove top. Compared to wall-mount or island placed, this form is significantly even more compact. For this reason, it is frequently the preferred kind for small kitchens that don’t have many room to spare.

This form is frequently ductless, but can likewise be ducted.

Most compact type, under cabinet range hoods are typically discovered in tiny kitchens.

Which Types Will Require Ducting?

Only two forms will certainly require you to put up a ventilation system: ducted and also convertible. You only have to construct ductwork for either wall-installed or island mount variety hoods.

If you bought a ductmuch less, under cabinet selection hood, this overview won’t be of much assist to you. All you have to perform is hang your ductmuch less array hood over your stoveheight and also you deserve to contact it a day.

Before Getting Started

Before getting your hands dirty, tright here are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration.

Duct Diameter

Ventilation Strength and also Stovepeak Power Rating

Ventilation strength should be taken right into account prior to constructing your ductjob-related. The stronger your variety hood’s ventilation is, the larger the duct’s diameter ought to be.

The toughness of a range hood is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). It is a widespread measurement unit to calculate aircirculation velocity. The CFM rating of the selection hood is then compared to the BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating of your oven height.

Typically, it is recommended that for eexceptionally 100 BTUs that your stove peak is rated for, the selection hood must have 1 CFM of ventilation strength.

So, for instance, if you have actually a 60,000-BTU cooktop top, you need to vent it through a 600-CFM array hood.

If the duct is also small, your variety hood is going to choke. The ventilation motor will occupational over time trying to rerelocate the high volume of fumes, wearing it down much faster.

Minimum and also Recommfinished Duct Diameter

To dimension your ductwork-related correctly, tbelow are two concepts that you need to familiarize yourself via aside from ventilation strength and also stoveheight power rating. They are minimum duct diameter and recommfinished duct diameter.

The minimum duct diameter is the smallest duct diameter that you can construct for a range hood of a particular strength rating.

For example, via a 400-CFM variety hood, it is not recommended to build a duct that is smaller than 4 inches in diameter for it.

The recommfinished duct diameter is the most optimal. At this dimension, the duct will have the ability to totally ventilate the selection hood also when it’s functioning at maximum capacity.

As another example, a 400-CFM range hood is ideal ventilated via a 6-inch duct.

You have the right to describe the table below to acquire an principle of which duct size is suitable for which stove top’s power rating. You have the right to likewise find out the minimum and recommended duct diameter for each class of range hood.

Range Hood StrengthStoveoptimal Power RatingMinimum Duct DiameterRecommfinished Duct Diameter
Less than 400 CFMsLess than 40,000 BTUs4 inches6 inches
400 to 600 CFMs40,000 to 60,000 BTUs6 inches8 inches
600 to 900 CFMs60,000 to 90,000 BTUs7 inches8 to 10 inches
900 to 1,200 CFMs90,000 to 120,000 BTUs8 inches10 to 12 inches
Greater than 1,200 CFMsGreater than 120,000 BTUs10 inches12 inches

Duct Length

Length is just as crucial as duct diameter. The shorter the duct size, the more reliable your variety hood is going to be.

As a matter of truth, also if you purchase an underpowered array hood, it will certainly still have the ability to work-related fine if the ducting is short. This is because the air demands much less time and velocity to make it out of the ducting and back exterior.

The size of your ventilation duct have to not exceed 30 feet, if feasible.

Anvarious other point to think about are elbows, which are fundamentally bends in the duct. Make sure to construct your ductjob-related with as few elbows as possible. They mitigate the speed of the vented air and make the whole device much less effective.

An elbow in a duct leading up to the roof. Construct as few of these as you have the right to.

For eextremely elbow in the duct, the recommended length for your ductjob-related is diminished by 10 feet. In various other words, instead of the usual 30 feet, the right size of a duct via one elbow is 20 feet.

Range Hood Venting Options

Tright here are 3 venting choices accessible if you are going to install your ducting on an inner wall. Depfinishing on the style of your kitchen, pick appropriately.

Vent Dvery own right into the Basement

This is an excellent choice if your home has a basement. The standard strategy is to conduct the air vertically downward. Then it gets redirected via an elbow to run horizontally the rest of the way external.

The advantage of this strategy is that you have the right to install the blower fan in the basement instead of best on optimal of the range hood. It will conserve you some cabinet room and also through the blower fan surprise away in the basement, tright here will certainly be much less noise

But there is one difficulty. The duct has to be created in-in between the joists of the internal wall. As an outcome, the variety hood and also your oven height need to be perfectly centered through the joist. If they aren’t, you have to relocate the whole cooktop optimal and the array hood until they are correctly aligned through the facility joist.

This method is proper for wall-mounted array hoods.

Vent Thturbulent the Ceiling

This plan is noisier and also takes up more cabinet area than venting dvery own into the basement. However, because warm air rises, it is far even more effective.

The technique is rather straightforward. The duct runs upward, with the ceiling of the kitchen, and also terminates on the roof of the home. You have to install a one-of-a-kind stainless-steel roof cover to safeguard the discharge outlet versus the weather.

Venting vertically upwards and with the roof is most reliable as hot air rises.

If your residence has an attic, the duct will certainly pass through it on its means to the roof. Due to the fact that your attic is normally chillier than your kitchen, condensation can develop. As a result, you might have to insulate the portion of the duct that passes via the ceiling.

You deserve to use this approach for a wall-placed array hood. Venting through the ceiling is additionally the only method to vent an island mount range hood.

Vent Horizontally Thstormy the Wall

This is the most widespread technique for those who decide to vent their selection hood via the inner wall. The duct sindicate goes horizontally, punches via the wall, and runs straight to the exterior wall and the outside.

Tbelow are two methods to execute this. In the first strategy, you have the right to run the duct over the top of the kitchen cabinets. If that’s not feasible, you have the right to lead it up the ceiling, instead.

You have the right to think about utilizing this technique via a wall-installed variety hood.

How to Install Ducts on an Interior Wall

Determine the Least Obstructed Path to the Outside

Keep in mind the 30-foot rule. You carry out not desire your duct to exceed 30 feet in size. Tbelow shouldn’t be even more than two elbows in the framework, either. To do this, you need to determine the leastern obstructed route from the variety hood to the exterior.

You have to be very familiar via the inner framework of your residence to perform this. Ideally, you should select a route via no stud, piping, or electric wiring.

Create Access Points

To construct your ventilation duct, you should have access to crucial points alengthy the path of the ducting. This will certainly be much easier if you pick to vent your selection hood down right into the basement or via the attic to the roof.

However, if you decide to vent with the wall surfaces, you might have to reduced with them.

If you aren’t sure what is in your wall surfaces, perform not attempt to reduced them yourself. Consult a skilled first.

Thread the Duct Through

Depending on your chosen venting choice, thcheck out the duct appropriately via the wall surfaces to the exterior. Use the accessibility points that you reduced right into the wall surfaces to make the task much easier.

One component that you need to be careful with is the size of the hole that your ductjob-related runs via to reach the selection hood. To make it easier for the ductwork to affix, make certain that the hole is roughly 2 inches broader than the diameter of the duct.

Connect the Duct to the Range Hood

Once the building and construction of the ductoccupational is complete, it’s time to connect it to the variety hood. This action need to be sensibly straightforward and also will certainly normally be in-depth in the user manual for the range hood.

Typically, all you need to execute is join the duct along with the change piece using stainless-steel duct tape.

Attach the Wall/Roof Cap

Head over to the location where the duct ends. If the duct ends on an exterior wall, affix a wall surface cap.

A wall cap at the terminal of an exterior wall-bound duct.
An atypical roof cap at the terminal of a roof ventilation duct.

The cap will assist protect the duct from debris and also the facets, protecting it from damage and also helping it run for much longer.


Installing a whole ventilation mechanism by yourself is a substantial undertaking. But through correct indevelopment on exactly how to vent a variety hood on an internal wall, you must have the ability to execute it in a few hrs.

Nonethemuch less, keep in mind that this is a really facility procedure. We only recommend undertaking this job if you recognize your means around power devices and building and construction. The ductjob-related affects the structural integrity of your house as well as its aesthetic.

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If you’re uncertain, we absolutely recommend that you speak to in a professional instead of doing it by yourself.