Hair combs are a great enhancement to any type of accessory clocollection, they develop functional layouts that are comfortable and sturdy all day, particularly Soho"s interlocking hair combs. Our combs are designed to interlock together making use of two sepaprice combs to ensure a secure hold for fine or thick hair. Plus they produce prompt style perfect for valuable or dressy usage. Soho Style hair combs come in a selection of sizes and colors that allow for distinct looks for each distinct individual.

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Format 1. Half Up Half Down

Half up fifty percent down style is an easy yet elegant means to pull your locks out of your face for the day. Keep a small strand of bang out for a messy, playful look or move every little thing slick back for the perfect chic office style.


To Style: Take a section of your hair at the elevation of your ears, sepaprice from remaining hair. Twist the hair in a clock wise motion and slightly push up on the base of the twist to provide extra volume at the height of your crvery own. Flip the initially comb so that the curve bump is in the direction of the hair and also move the edge of the twist in an exterior inward motion with the edge of the hair comb.


Next slide the comb on the scalp (this must be incredibly straightforward to slide right into the hair, you carry out not desire to slide the comb with the twist). On the other side sindicate take the second comb and also "lock" right into the first comb.

Format 2. French Roll

The french roll style has come to be our number one. The adaptability of the french roll allows you to creates a day to night look effortlessly. Use a jet black comb for a day to day look, then once it comes time to shine include in a sparkly clear collection for that wow aspect to compliment your outfit!


To Style: Gather all your hair as if you are creating a ponytail. Twist your hair around 2-3 full twists then slightly pull the hair up while using one hand also to tuck it "inside" to the base of the twist. Once you tuck the remainder of the ends of the hair in to the twist you might slightly press up on the base of the twist to develop volume. Take your first hair comb and also flip it so that the curve is dealing with outside of the twist


Grab the edge of the twist through the edge of the comb and simply slide in an outside inward activity till you reach the scalp. Next off slide the comb on the base of the scalp in towards the twist, take the second comb via the curve of the comb towards the scalp and also slide in to the initially comb on the opposite side until you feel the "click". Check out the over video for our tutorial!

Layout 3: Bun

The bun is the most widespread style, we have all tried it and a lot of of us make it a component of our everyday routines. Many of us style our buns chic and also low for a work-related style or throw it up in a messy look simply to have it out of our challenge for the day. Either means Soho Format hair combs occupational to secure your bun no issue what your look is! Soho Format hair combs are not simply designed for looks but for attribute, to look beautiful and also to ENSURE a secure hold.


To Style: Format your bun as you would certainly. One of our favorite looks is a component in the middle with a "optimal a boo" bang framing the confront and also a messy low bun. When your bun is in the wanted position, take one hair comb and grab the edge of your bun.


Use the "out and also in" activity and also slide the comb on the scalp. Aacquire the comb must conveniently slide in, carry out not slide the comb into your bun but quite on the base of your scalp.


 Use the second comb and also grab the edge of the bun on the other side of your hair till the two combs "interlock" together.

Soho Style Hair Combs are a perfect way to accent any ponytail hair style! You have the right to usage them to aid secure your long Lucius locks so that you do not acquire the hefty hair headache after a long day or if you just want to look on allude via your accessories trfinish.

To Style: Place your own hair in a ponytail as usual. Once secured via a hair tie take a little chunk from underneath your ponytail and wrap approximately the elastic. When you have actually got to the end of the strand also simply usage the edge of one comb to grab the ends of the hair and push the comb in in the direction of the middle of the base of the ponytail maintaining the comb flat against the scalp. Proceed the exact same through the other side until you feel the "click" sensation.

For a wrap ponytail expansion proceed the exact same with the "extra" item of hair you usage to wrap roughly the expansion.

Check out our peak favorite layouts with hair combs, consisting of how to style your ponytail!

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Q"s and also A"s

Does it issue what size of hair comb I choose?

Yes and also no. The smallest hair combs are ideal for doing fifty percent up half dvery own layouts, and also the larger combs for doing all up hair layouts. However the huge hair combs will still occupational in fine hair as they interlock together for a very strong hold. The bigger hair combs will certainly perform every one of the formats.

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Do I need to wear 2 hair combs all the time?

No you do not! Most of our hair combs are sold individually yet many type of of our customers favor to have the set as you obtain much more versatility and also style options with the pair. They still secure separately to!

Do hair combs work-related for all hair types?

Yes, our combs are designed for all hair types. When they interlock together they "click" right into location. To get them acomponent you should wiggle them to release the click.

What happens if the combs bend?

All of our hair combs are metal and also are meant to bfinish a tiny little, this is exactly how they "click" and also interlock together. We execute recommend after each use that you straighten each comb out to encertain you keep them in guideline height shape!