Hi All,On my 2001 Silveraexecute LS 1500, the DRL were not permitted by manufacturing facility. I am not sure why, yet obviously being a base version, they were "excluded" from the package. I do not understand if it was because of laws at the moment, or if it was simply to conserve price, yet it was definitely a manufacturing facility issue as there are blanks in the reduced light clusters wright here the sockets/bulbs need to go. Weirdly enough, they mounted the relay and also the fusage. I checked the fuse, and also its fine, the relay I swapped through the one for the fuel pump, as they are the exact same, and the fuel pump ran, so assume relay is fine, so swapped them back.I obtained the multimeter out, and turned the ignition on, put it in D (engine not running) and also still acquire no power at the sockets. Mine does not have actually the light sensor on the dashboard, so not certain if that requirements to be bypassed in some method. I understand the criteria for DRL to job-related are:Car in Gear, not P or NParking brake releasedLight sensor inputMy truck also does not have the auto light setup.I guess what I want to understand is just how to acquire them to work. Preferably whenever the car is in motion/gear....day or night.ThanksETA: Just for clarity, my truck does not have foglamps either....

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Re: Enable DRL"s

by rollover » Jan 04 2017, 5:52pm

Below is a system description for the DRLs for a year 2000 design. I am guessing it would certainly be the same for a 2001 however I could be wrong. It looks like because you do not have the auto headlight attribute the DRLs will certainly not work-related. Plus the BCM is probably not programmed. I assumed all the Silverados for this era had DRLs. Description and Operation The daytime running lamps (DRL) lights are regulated by the body manage module (BCM) via the DRL relay when the headlamp and also panel dimmer switch is the AUTO position. The relay is feed by the IGNE fuse as soon as the ignition switch is in the run and crank position, (the coil side of the relay), and the DRL fuse which is hot at all times. The DRL relay is controlled by the BCM based on the input form the ambient light sensor using CKT 592. The relay provides current to the lights via CKT 545 and ground through CKT 150 and also ground G100. The DRL lights are on as soon as the vehicle ignition switch is in the run place, park brake is not set, daylight problems exists and the transmission has been in drive before placing in park. The DRL lights are turned off as soon as the headlamp and panel dimmer switch is turned to the park or head place or the input to the BCM from the ambient light sensor signals that daylight conditions does not exists any type of more.NOTE: (For US application only, Prohibited in Canada (RPO Z49)) You might, for the existing ignition on cycle, rotate off the DRL and the Automatic Headlamp (AHL) attribute by following the actions below:1.The ignition is in the Run place. 2.Press the dome lamp defeat switch 4 times. After the fourth push of the switch the chime will certainly sound indeveloping you the procedure is finish. Turning the ignition off and then on will location the DRL and also AHL back in the automatic mode. This does not apply to some early built pickups.

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Re: Enable DRL"s

by cathurga » Jan 04 2017, 6:44pm

Rollover,Many type of thanks for posting that. It looks choose I am SOL then. Assuming the BCM is not programmed for it, and tright here is no auto light attribute, acquiring them to occupational is not gonna be possible. Its not major to me, but would just be nice to have DRL"s. I intend I might look right into taking a feed from the park lights and have actually them jump to the DRL socket, just so they light up as soon as I have actually the parks on. Not much of a sparky myself, so not certain exactly how to go around that.
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Re: Enable DRL"s

by SparkyJJO » Jan 04 2017, 7:15pm

You can - via some wiring foolery - make them work-related nearly choose manufacturing facility through just an easy relay and some splicing. Basically take an IGN power resource, feed through the normally closed call of a relay, to the DRL sockets. Wire the relay right into the parking light circuit. Result is as soon as the ignition is turned on the DRLs rotate on, however once parking lights/headlights are turned on, the relay shuts off the DRL. Difference in procedure from manufacturing facility is the DRL would certainly be on once the key is on, regardless of being in drive or not.This is exactly how I wired up my very own DRL on my old auto.Now precisely what wires to splice, where to tap from, and so on, I do not really know for your truck.

SparkyJJOShifting right into First Gear
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Sparky, many thanks for your comment, it looks favor it is possible. I have the right to tell from your name, you can understand a thing or two about this lol.Ok, I might need some help from you if that would be ok. I will certainly take a pic of the fusage box diagram, and maybe you might advise me. I would certainly additionally like to carry out the "all-on" mod, well at least have actually the high beam on at the very same time as the low. I have actually viewed a few yootoob vids that kind-of look like I can gain it best, but there are some subtle distinctions between my fusebox and the ones I have actually watched in the vids.Thank you as soon as aacquire.Andy
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Here is a pic of my fuse box layout. I have actually seen some of the mods where they put a diode between pins 87 of the Headlam (HDLP) and also Daytime Running Light (DRL) relays, yet I don"t think that"s gonna do what I want. Essentially, I desire the low beams to remain on once the high beams are on.

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Any assist would be appreciated.
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