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The Keneven more brand is responsible for many home appliances, such as dishwashers, stoves, washers and also dryers, refrigerators and more. The line likewise is composed of smaller residence appliances, such as sewing machines. Traditionally, Keneven more has supplied a collection of version numbers that start via a three-digit preresolve, such as the Keneven more 148 sewing machine, followed by one more collection of numbers that indicate miscellaneous model numbers. Using any of the Kenmore 148 sewing machines calls for a few measures before the machine is all set for use.

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Open the shuttle accessibility door, which is the tiny panel on the plate underneath the needle. If the sewing machine does not have a shuttle access door, slide the extension table to the left to rerelocate. Turn the hand wheel till the needle lifts to the highest position. Open the shuttle cover, which is the opening to the compartment on the front of the sewing machine.

Reach inside the shuttle compartment, pull open up the bobbin situation latch and remove the bobbin case. Release the clutch on the side of the sewing machine by turning it counterclockwise. Draw the threview from the spool of thread and pull through the bobbin winder stress and anxiety discs. Continue to pull the end of the thread with the hole in the bobbin.

Set the bobbin onto the bobbin winder shaft through the end of the thcheck out exiting the top of the bobbin. Push the bobbin winder latch closed. Hold onto the end of the threview and revolve on the sewing machine. Wait for the bobbin to fill slightly and snip the finish of the thread. Start the machine aacquire until the bobbin winder latch releases.

Tighten the clutch knob and also rerelocate the bobbin. Place the bobbin in the bobbin instance and also pull the threview via the slot on the case. Pull the threview under the stress and anxiety spring and also turn the hand also wheel to raise the needle. Hold the latch open and position the case into the shuttle before releasing the latch. This will certainly lock the instance right into area.

Hold the threview loosely and turn the hand wheel counterclockwise one finish rotate. Pull the bobbin threview up by pulling the upper threview. Place the spool of thread on the spool pin with the thread extfinishing from the back. Pull the thcheck out with the rear threview guide, and then via the optimal threview overview on the peak of the sewing machine. Pull the thcheck out with the tension discs and also save the spring wire loop pulled up till the threview passes past the hook. The threview will certainly slip into the hook. Release the thcheck out spool, which allows the spring wire to move into position.

Move the threview through the front threview guide into the take-up lever before and down into the needle. The sewing machine is currently ready to operate.

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