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Musical.ly megastars and also social media individualities, Lisa and Lena Mantler, are twin sisters who have racked up countless fans, in just a brief period of time.

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Knvery own for their charming Musical.ly videos, the twins have garnered numerous fans on the social media application, and also various other accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Their Birthday. Lisa and also Lena were born June 17, 2002.

Where they live. The twins presently live in Stuggart, Germany.

Siblings. Lisa and also Lina have 2 older siblings. A brvarious other, Tim and a sister, Tayra.

Their Full Names. Lisa and Lena Mantler

Who is Older? Lena is older

How Can You Tell Them Apart? Lena is a little bit taller than Lisa, while Lisa has actually a birthnote on her nose.

Lisa’s Favorite Singer. Lisa absolutely loves Ariana Grande. It made the twins day as soon as Ariana actually reposted among their Musical.lys

What They Want to Be When They Grow Up? In the future, both Lena and also List want to end up being actors.

Nickname. With the success of Musical.ly, fans of Lisa and Lena frequently refer to them as ‘LeLi’

They Love Hats. LeLi have a love affair through hats and also caps. If you look at their Musical.lys or Instagram photos, you will frequently see the duo rocking something on their heads.

Their climb to fame. Lisa and also Lena started making Musical.lys back in the summer of 2015. The easily ended up being one the apps most popular users and also the twins were able to have actually numerous followers, just choose other Musical.ly stars prefer Loren Grey, TheyLoveArii, Baby Ariel and also Kristen Hancher.

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In an interview via Stylecaster.com, the twins defined that they started posting “simply for fun,”. What they love around being famed is that “The entirety civilization began connecting through us, and also the well known carriers and persons like to job-related via us.” Also, when they travel, “human being on the street in many kind of nations know us.”. The twins spfinish around 20 minutes a day functioning on their videos.