The block attribute is your first line of defense to remove things you don"t desire to see on Tumblr, whether it"s simply a blog posting unpleasant points in a tag you follow or somebody proactively stalking or harassing you. If you block one of your followers, the block function works as normal, yet the perboy you blocked is far more likely to alert it.

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On Your Dashboard

Once you block a blog, you will never watch articles from that blog on your dashboard aobtain. This has tag peras, search outcomes, note pop-ups and any type of notification, such as the one you acquire when somebody reblogs from you. If somebody else reblogs a post from somebody you"ve blocked, however, you will still view that article -- both on your dashboard, if the person is somebody you complied with, and also in tag pperiods and also search results.

On Her Dashboard

The only way for somebody you"ve blocked to check out your write-ups is to go straight to your blog"s main web page, considering that as soon as you"ve blocked her, your articles will certainly no longer display up anywhere on her dashboard, including on tag pperiods and search results. If somebody reblogs one of your short articles, but, she"ll watch it simply fine. This suggests it"s rather basic for her to figure out that you"ve blocked her, considering that all she has to perform is alert that your posts present up on your blog"s primary page but not on her dashboard and put 2 and two together.

In Messages

Somebody you"ve blocked have the right to still sfinish you messeras, yet whether she"s following you or not, you will never get them, whether they"re asks, fan mail or short article subobjectives. She will not get an error message stating you"ve blocked her, yet. Tbelow is just one exemption to this. If you send an ask or a fan mail message to somebody you"ve blocked, you will receive any type of response she sends out as if you hadn"t blocked her, even though the block remains in place.

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On Following and also Followers Lists

When you block among your followers (which Twitter likewise refers to as "ignoring"), you will certainly no much longer watch her name on your followers list, although she will certainly still count towards your followers complete. On her finish, you will certainly still appear on her list of blogs she is following; she will also check out the actual value for how long ago you posted, which gives her one more means to number out that you"ve blocked her.

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