The symptoms of bent valves encompass an engine that won’t begin, an erratic engine as soon as idling, absence of engine power, a knocking noise from the engine and excessive exhaust fumes.

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Engine valves are responsible for controlling the fuel distribution and gas removal in your engine. Bent valves are typically led to by a trouble with engine timing or a damaged timing belt.

If you suspect the valves in your engine are bent or damaged, then you must not attempt to start the engine or drive the automobile, as this can reason serious damage to the pistons and engine cylinders.

6 Symptoms Of Bent Valves You Should Never before Ignore

Bent valves are not somepoint that occur commonly, even on older greater mileage engines. It’s even more common to have actually a trouble with valve seals or with scorched valves. These problems are frequently brought about by an imappropriate fuel mix or an engine that is not running correctly over a lengthy period of time.

Bent valves happen once tbelow is a severe difficulty with the timing of the engine. This is many typically resulted in by a damaged timing chain or timing belt.

It can likewise happen if the timing belt slips and reasons a misalignment of the camshafts and the valves.

The best method to diagnose bent valves is by performing a compression test and also by rerelocating the cylinder head.

If you recognize that there has actually been an problem via the timing of an engine, and also suspect that the valves may be damaged, then tbelow are a couple of signs to watch out for.

The following symptoms are a authorize of minor damage to the valves.

If you suspect that the valves have become seriously damaged then you should not attempt to start the engine prior to investigating the trouble additionally.

Symptom 1 – Loud Backfire Or Popping Noise From Exhaust

Bent exhaust valves will certainly affect how successfully exhaust fumes have the right to be expelled from a cylinder. Engine cylinders operate at incredibly high pressures and also exhaust valves need to open up and close at precise intervals to ensure the correct pressure is maintained.

If an exhaust valve is bent or damaged, it will certainly no much longer be positioned properly in the cylinder and also the valve head might not produce a pressurized seal once it is closed. This will cause an exhaust leak that will almost certainly affect fuel burning.

Measuring the compression in the cylinder of a auto engine

The appropriate push inside of an engine cylinder deserve to vary from engine to engine. In basic petrol engines must provide a pressure analysis of in between 80 and 125PSI. There may be a distinction in press in between cylinders if the engine is worn, but the difference have to not exceed 10 to 15%.

Acompression test is an excellent test to start via if you suspect bent engine valves.It have the right to offer you an concept of the condition of the valves, valve seats, and piston rings and also whether the timing of the engine is collection correctly.

Step 2: Percreate An Engine Leak-dvery own Test

The second form of test that you deserve to bring out, is a test of just how efficiently each cylinder in the engine deserve to hold press.

This is performed in a similar means to a a compression test, yet instead of cranking the engine, the press is pumped into each cylinder utilizing a distinct engine leak-down tester tool.

To percreate an engine leak-dvery own test, the piston need to be at optimal dead center for the cylinder you are experimentation. This ensures that the valves are closed and the cylinder is put up so that minimum leakage should occur. Any leakage that is detected deserve to be attributed to wear or damage to the valves.

The leak-down tester is linked to the cylinder using the spark plug hole and also air is pumped into the cylinder usually by compressed air resource till the press exceeds 100 PSI (this depends on the engine).

The leak-down tester has 2 gauges, one to tell you the internal air push of the cylinder, and also the second gauge which indicates the amount of air escaping from the cylinder, check out as a percent value and this have to be much less than 20%.

Here is a video explaining the leak-dvery own test procedure and how to analyze the outcomes.

Tip 3: Spilgrimage Down The Engine For Closer Examination

If the push and also leak-dvery own tests reveal a trouble with the valves, then you will should decide if it’s feasible to deal with. 

If the leak-dvery own test revealed a leak, then it may be feasible to figure out the specific reason of the trouble prior to you take apart the engine.

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Once you have determined the source of the leak, the next steps involve stripping down the engine to physically inspect the problem of the valves, valve seals, pisloads and also cylinder head.