If you were to stumble upon a palo santo tree while trekking approximately the Amazon rainwoodland, it most likely wouldn’t be a jaw-dropping visual endure. Palo santo branches deserve to look a little gnarly after their leaves have actually dropped and the tree is not impressively majestic prefer, let’s say, a large oak or towering maple. But it’s what is inside that has made palo santo hardwood so sought after. This tree has actually a solid soul (even more on that shamanic wisdom later) and also plenty of great stuff to share, but only long after its natural fatality. And yes, the component about the “organic death” is vital. The concentration of essential oils that provide its lumber an irresistible aroma and also amazing healing properties do not construct until after the tree dropped on its own accord and also it is offered ample time to remainder peacefully on the woodland floor.

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The timber of the saints

When Spanish monks discovered the timber and also competent its capability to cleanse and also heal, they called the tree “palo santo,” which suggests “holy wood” or “the wood of the saints.” The scientific name of this tree that grows in the South American rainforest is bursera graveolens, or “a bag of oil” and also the normally aromatic hardwood from this truly distinctive tree is offered in a number of methods for energetic and healing objectives. Its primary use is to burn tiny palo santo sticks as incense but save on analysis to uncover its various other provides. 

The a lot of grounded harem you’ll ever stumble upon

Those who harvest this hardwood uncovered that not just are there male and also female palo santo trees, yet that they grow in groups of one male and also eight females. The lone male outlives his female countercomponents by a long swarm. While female trees tend to live around 40-50 years, the male can live up to 200 years. Their timber likewise has distinct attributes. Wood from female palo santo trees is yellow, solid and also hefty, whereas that of the male is white, hollow, vulnerable and light. Shamans teach that these trees have a unique heart that lives in the lumber lengthy after the tree’s life has finished. It should be no surprise that shamans treat this tree as a living entity!

Purification may take some time

One of the a lot of stunning features of palo santo lumber is its inherent capability to purify all that it comes in call via on an energetic level. Wherever its smoke goes, it cleanses and also purifies, so it can be provided to purify a room, an entire home and specifically people. But there’s a little bit more to it than that. Shamanic wisdom defines that an attraction to the aroma of palo santo is a sign of emotional and spiritual purity. Tright here are some, yet, that feel a peculiar discomfort when in the visibility of its aroma. If this happens to you, execute not be discouraged! This is all component of its purifying effect and also gradually you will also reap its herbal fragrance as the wood’s cleansing and also purification takes result. Just attempt, attempt and also attempt aget, and also you will certainly shortly find the palo santo aroma irresistible and also enjoy a feeling that deserve to just be explained as being lighter (energetically, of course!). 

Attracts positive energy

While some smudging herbs are used exclusively to cleanse a room from negative power and also others are then supplied to tempt positive energy afterward, palo santo is rare in that it does both at the same time. It both purifies and attracts positive power. Palo santo’s heart is often generous via its healing powers as its smoke enters the energy area of those it reaches to clear negative thoughts and also misfortune. It is via the process of burning, much choose smudging herbs and also incense, that it releases the sacred wood’s oils that cleanse the room and also human being it comes right into call with, attracting positive power, and even healing human being on both physical and also more subtle levels. This rises the ability for world to concentrate and also it improves their meditation. 

Shamanic wisdom and the tree spirit

For centuries, prior to it was presented to The United States and Canada, it was offered by shamans to clear negative energy, entice positive power, re-establish tranquility and also balance, enhance concentration and also meditation, and also heal human being on physical and spiroutine levels. The primitive practice of shamanism believes that plants have actually spirits and also that the heart can be a solid medicine. The shaguy transforms to the spirit of the plant and also allows this spirit perform the healing. The soul of the palo santo tree carries a wisdom that allows the smoke of simply a tiny piece of wood to heal civilization physically, emotionally and spiritually. This soul have to be respected, but, and also never before missupplied. This is one of the reasons that the tree cannot be cut down and we must wait years after it has actually fallen on its own to harvest it.

Sustainable harvest

There are strict regional regulations that forbid the logging of palo santo in the Amazon rainwoodland and also these sacred trees cannot be removed until they have actually rested on the forest floor for numerous years. On height of this, the tree deserve to never before be reduced dvery own. It is just permitted to be harvested long after dying a natural death. And though this might be applied for environmental factors, spiritually it’s a should. The tree sindicate doesn’t give us what we require unless we respect it and also harvest it in a sustainable manner. It’s with the procedure of this organic death, adhered to by years on the forest floor that its essential oils and healing properties construct, providing the timber the power to purify, lure positive power, heal and also smell, well, simply impressive. While we cannot guarantee that everyone adheres to sustainable harvesting, we have the right to tell you that Prabhuji’s Gifts palo santo sticks are harvested in this way that does not interfere through the trees’ organic cycle. On peak of this, eexceptionally fallen tree is reinserted via a seedling to rejuvenate the palo santo population as well as herbal biodiversity. It is a fragile process of not just respect for the setting, however likewise for the powerful and generous palo santo spirit. 

The metamorphosis

Palo santo wood undergoes an impressive transdevelopment that provides us people unimaginable presents. Unfortunately, tright here have actually been palo santo trees that have actually been reduced dvery own, yet they taught an useful leschild. These trees did not contain practically the amount of oils of those that had fallen normally and also spent years on the ground. We now recognize that palo santo should undergo a metamorphosis that starts via falling in its very own due time and also resting for years. It’s during this time that a concentration of fragrant oils construct, intensifying its unique fragrance and healing properties.

The cream of the crop

Tright here is somepoint extremely rare and also these are premium palo santo sticks. As we understand, palo santo trees have to remainder on the ground for several years before they deserve to be harvested to allow for the fragrant and healing oils to develop. So while the majority of of the tree is in contact via the earth, tright here are some branches that never before touch it. For years they are washed by the rain and dried by the rays of sunlight that height with the forest’s canopy. Sticks from these branches are classified as “premium” as everything that they offer – aroma, purification, positive power, energetic healing, medicinal healing – is even stronger. Shamans know that the palo santo branches that never touch the earth have the power to elevate the spirit, as it is constantly motivating to continue to be over the earthly aircraft. Due to this wood’s extreme rarity, these sticks are not always accessible, yet they deserve to be found at Prabhuji’s Gifts.


Intentions abound

Want to improve your life? Chances are that palo santo have the right to help. Using palo santo sticks as incense and also aromatreatment is well-known to improve people’s meditation and also concentration. Its herbal properties, released in its gentle and light smoke, purify area and also world on an energetic level as well as entice positive power. It is also provided in assorted methods to heal civilization from many kind of different illnesses by shamans. It is extensively used as a good insect repellent.

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Burn it down

Are you wondering exactly how to burn palo santo sticks as incense, in order to smudge or ssuggest gain its aroma? Hold a item of lumber slightly upside dvery own and also light the pointer till tbelow is a tiny flame. After 1 minute, blow it out so only smoke is produced. Place it on an angle embers-dvery own in a fireproof bowl in a means that will certainly permit it to continue burning and also gently blow on the embers when required. This is called smudging. It may must be re-lit a number of times so it will certainly proceed to release its important oils and also energetic properties. Some prefer to keep small rocks in a fireproof bowl and the put the embers right into the rock bed in order to put it out once finiburned. The stick deserve to be reused several times until it is all gone. The aroma is comparable to tree resin. 

Inhale it, reap it

Tright here are numerous methods to gain palo santo sticks and also benefit from their properties. The many prevalent way is to burn it as incense, yet the sticks have the right to additionally be cut right into shavings and also included to a resin incense blfinish. Anvarious other renowned means to reap the aroma is to put the sticks in a satchel and place them in a drawer or clocollection.