People regularly complain around this disgusting smell of ground turvital. So yeah you’re not alone.

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But which determinants are to blame if ground turessential smells like wet dog

Well, the most noticeable reason for the smell can be because of the ground meat being spoiled. A negative piece of meat will certainly always offer off a sickening smell. If the meat hasn’t been spoiled then tbelow have the right to be another factor. And that’s bereason it may have actually been vacuum packed.

Now there’s even more to understand about this extremely worry. That’s why we’ve explained the factors and the options in easy words. 

Because of this, don’t foracquire to review our whole piece. 

Why Does Ground Turkey Meat Smell Like Wet Dog?

It’s frequently shelp that fresh and excellent ground turvital meat has actually no smell. Hence, if your ground turvital smells bad, you carry out have actually a reason to be worried. 

Now, you might not know however the ‘wet dog smell’ is actually a mixture of different odors. 

One of the smells you’ll get for certain is the smell of sulhair. The smell is also comparable to the odor of rotten eggs. So, if you’re here bereason your ground turessential smells like rotten eggs, just keep on analysis. 

Well, tright here are greatly 2 reasons why you’ll acquire this smell from the ground turcrucial. Let’s obtain to recognize them-. 

First of all, if your ground turvital was vacuum packed, take a breath of relief. Why?

Due to the fact that eexceptionally type of meat that stays in a vacuum-sealed package smells negative at initially. 

For instance, vacuum packed pork can smell poor right after opening the package. Since there isn’t any oxygen in the package. And it’s a comparable situation for vacuum sealed ground turkey also.

You watch, as the meat continues to be in an anaerobic environment, its juices start to break down. And because of that, if you open the package, you acquire a pungent smell. 

However before, you have the right to get rid of the vacuum packed turcrucial smell by complying with some actions. We’ve noted up those steps later on in this piece. 

But there’s a catch-

If the ground turcrucial smell is really solid and also poor, it have the right to show that the meat is spoiled. Now, if you want to identify whether the meat is actually poor or not, simply read alengthy.

How to Tell If Ground Turessential Meat Is Bad or Not?


For ground meat, it have the right to be a little hard to identify if the meat is spoiled or not. But hey, it’s still feasible. You just must check 3 fundamental things concerning the ground turessential. 

So, let’s acquire to understand those things, shall we?

Check the Package 

If you’ve carried the meat from a butcher’s shop, you don’t have to check the package thoabout. However before, if it’s vacuum packed grounded meat, certainly take a look at the packaging. 

Did the package have actually air inside? Was it looking favor a balloon before opening it? 

If yes, then don’t also bother thinking about eating the turvital. Due to the fact that my frifinish, the meat is spoiled. 

Here’s the thing-

The vacuum sealed package must be pressed against the meat. Tbelow shouldn’t be any type of air inside. If air does acquire inside, the bacteria will start multiplying. And eventually, the meat will certainly turn negative. 

Check the Use-by Date

Sometimes also if the packaging is alright, the meat have the right to cross its use-by day. The use-by day will tell you for just how long the meat is safe to eat.

If the day has actually expired, don’t just wait! Throw the meat ameans. Trust us, you don’t also need to open the package. 

Check Turessential Meat Color

Now, if the meat is within date, you must identify the high quality of the meat. Due to the fact that periodically, also if the meat hasn’t expired, it deserve to go poor. 

Hence, after acquiring the ground turessential out of the package, you’ve to check the shade of it. 


A good ground turvital will have actually a light pink color to it. Because of this, if the meat has actually a darker color, there’s a opportunity it has actually gone bad. Even if the discoloration is on some parts of the ground turcrucial, you’ve to throw out the whole percentage. 


To be extra certain, you’ve to feel the texture of the meat. Ground turkey need to have a moist feel to it. It can even have a wet and juicy texture. 

But if your ground turkey feels sticky and also slimy, you’ve to speak the further inspection. Because these conditions are an noticeable indication of spoiled meat. 

Now, if the meat made it through all the checkpoints, you deserve to be assured the meat is still edible. And the smell is basically bereason of the vacuum packaging. 

How to Eliminate the Bad Smell Before Cooking?

Eliminating the wet dog smell from your vacuum-packed ground turessential is fairly simple. You just have to follow three procedures. And we promise you, these actions will be only 1-1.5 hrs long

Hence, let’s quickly look at the steps-

Let the Ground Meat Air Out

First, you’ve to let the meat air out at normal room temperature( 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit). To complete the air out procedure, you have to wait for 30 minutes. This process will sudepend get rid of at least 40-50% of the smell.

For you, we’ve guessed how a lot smell will certainly transport within the 30 minutes-

TimeSmell transfer
10 minutes 10-15%
15-20 minutes 30%
30 minutes 40-50%

However, the smell transfer could differ. Also, you might view a slight discoloration. But that’s because of the meat acquiring oxygen after a while. Therefore, there’s no need to panic.

Rinse the Ground Meat Gently 

After completing the air out procedure, you should move on to rinsing the meat. If you didn’t know, rinsing deserve to also tenderize difficult corned beef.

Anyway, to rinse the ground turcrucial, you’ll require a metal strainer. Just place the ground turvital on the strainer. And then pour fresh tap water at least 2-3 times on the meat

Throughout this process, the excess fat and blood (if present) will certainly wash amethod. As a result, the smell will certainly also begin disappearing. 

Dry the Ground Meat and also Let It Sit

Once you’re done rinsing, you’ve to head straight in the direction of drying it. And yes, drying ground meat is necessary. Because cooking with wet meat can mess up your recipe. 

On that note, grab yourself some paper towels, and place the meat on them. Press the paper towel on the meat gently. This will certainly aid the water acquire soaked up quickly. 

After that, wait 30 minutes before getting to the cooking part. Within this time the ground meat will gain earlier its herbal smell and also color. However, there’s a 10-20% chance of the ground turcrucial still smelling negative. So, if that happens in your case, you’ve to throw it amethod. Since the meat is a lot of absolutely spoiled. 

And if the smell isn’t tright here anyeven more, you have the right to begin food preparation the ground turessential on the oven or range. You deserve to follow different recipes to prepare your ground turcrucial. 

And you deserve to also save the raw meat if you desire. Just make certain you use good-top quality vacuum sealer bags this time. Or else there’s a high possibility of your ground meat gaining spoiled while refrigerating it. 

So far, we’ve seen these bags performing perfectly in eextremely situation-

However before, while using the bags you’ve to remember one important thing. And that is sealing the bags appropriately to air bubbles. 

Why Does Ground Turvital Smell Like Wet Dog When Cooking?



Yup, it’s possible for your stored ground turessential to smell odd as soon as you start food preparation it. 

And this odd or funny smell can vary. However, it doesn’t automatically make the meat bad. 

If the meat smells funny but doesn’t make you sick, the meat is still good. You have the right to save on food preparation it and can additionally eat it. However, the decision is yours. 

You’ve to choose whether to eat funny-smelling ground turvital or not. If you don’t desire to eat it, don’t hesitate to throw the meat amethod. Due to the fact that remember, you can’t compromise your wellness.

Now, if the smell is sickening, the meat has absolutely gone bad. You could wonder how it went bad also after maintaining it in the freezer.

Well, my frifinish, you can’t really store the ground turessential in your freezer forever before. 

According to most meat lovers, ground turessential can’t be maintained in the freezer for more than 2 days. So, if you’ve stored it for a week, you’ve to put the blame on yourself. 

But that’s okay! We all learn from our mistakes. That’s why from now on, save the ground meat in the freezer for just 1-2 days

How to Know If Frozen Meat Will Smell Bad Before Cooking?

Sometimes it gets tough to tell if frozen meat is actually spoiled. And you’ll only realize the meat was spoiled after you start food preparation it. And that’s because of the pungent smell it’ll offer off. 

It’s pretty depressing, to be hocolony. But luckily, there’s an effective way to prevent bad-smelling ground turkey prior to cooking. 

And that is browning and draining the meat before beginning to work-related on a recipe. These two procedures will certainly help you identify whether the frozen meat is negative or not.


For your comfort, we’ve stated the procedures you have to follow to finish both processes-

First, you’ve to defrost the frozen ground turvital. You have the right to use both your microwave and also refrigerator for the defrosting. After that, prewarmth your frying pan. Then location the defrosted ground turessential in the pan.Keep on heating the meat till it gets whitish brown. Next, usage a meat thermometer to examine the inner temperature. If the meat reaches 145 levels Fahrenheit, it’s safe to eat. Lastly, put the ground turcrucial on some paper towels to absorb the excess fat and also liquid.

Now, if the meat doesn’t smell after these two procedures, it isn’t spoiled! And if it does, immediately discard it.


Question: What to perform if ground turkey smells sour once cooking?

Answer: Well, there’s only one point you can perform. And that one thing is- speak food preparation instantly and throw the meat. Due to the fact that the ground turessential meat has gone bad. And you have to not think of eating that spoiled meat.

Question: Can cooked ground turessential smell odd?

Answer: Yup, it deserve to smell. Fresh ground turkey doesn’t really have any type of smell to it. However before, once you start food preparation it, it have the right to offer off a strong turcrucial smell. And that’s all you’ll obtain from good meat. But if the meat has actually gone negative, it can smell sour and also sickening. 

Question: What happens if you eat poor ground turkey?

Answer: Well, the answer is pretty evident. You’ll acquire sick. Food poisoning will certainly be the initially disease you’ll obtain. But you’ll obtain a severe type of food poisoning within 6-24 hrs. So yeah please don’t poor ground turcrucial.

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Question: How to tell if raw turvital is bad

Answer: We’ve discussed this very concern in the ‘is your ground turkey spoiled’ segment. Do examine it out aobtain. And to soon answer this, you’ve to inspect the meat packaging and also expiration day first. Then you’ve to test the color and also texture of the meat.

Bottom Line

That’s all on why ground turessential smells prefer wet dog. By the way, did you understand ground turkey carries numerous bacteria via it? That’s why it gets spoiled quickly and also provides off a negative smell.