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I’ve had actually my fair share of workarea flings.

Some of them were easy, others were complicated—but every one of them have the potential to be confmaking use of.

With so many type of hours invested along with our co-workers—crushes, flings, sex-related stress and anxiety, and full-blvery own romances are bound to happen.

It’s literally science!

According to statistics, 22% of married couples reported initially meeting one-one more at occupational.

In enhancement to this, one-3rd of Amerihave the right to singles report that they’ve dated a co-worker.

Of these, 65% say that they’ve had actually a one-night stand via someone they functioned via, and also 56% have reported having at least one FWB setup with a co-worker at some point in their lives!

Long story short—office romances happen.

But as guys, exactly how can we tell the distinction in between friendliness, flirtation, and down-and-dirty sex-related desire?

Here are the 21 vital things to look for.

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How to Tell If a Female Coworker Likes You: 21 Hopeful Signs

How to Tell If a Female Coworker Likes You: 21 Confident Signs

1. She Smiles When She Notices You

If she smiles at you when she notices you, does it suppose that she’s right into you?

Smiling may suppose friendship or experienced courtesy.

But it deserve to also suggest attraction.

The key is to look at the context of the smile.

Is she smiling with her eyes, and also making prolonged eye contact?

If it’s a genuine smile and she additionally holds your gaze for a second or two, it might be her means of saying, “I’m trying to look attractive and also inviting. Notice me!”

2. She Finds Reasons to Spfinish Time Around You


Have you noticed that she’s been spfinishing most time roughly you recently?

J. Celeste Walley-Jean, a professor of Psychology, sassist this during an intercheck out with

Mere exposure to someone repetitively rises the likelihood we will certainly be attracted to them.

It’s no key that we want to be closer to the people we’re attracted to.

Womales are experts at staying clear of males they don’t desire to spend time around. So if you uncover that she’s going out of her means to be roughly you—there’s probably something to it.

This might be her means of saying, “I wouldn’t spfinish time about you if I didn’t gain you. Take the hint and ask me out already!”

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3. She Often Seeks Out Your Assistance

If you feel favor you’re the just one she ever picks on for help-connected adventures, it’s possible that there’s more at play than meets the eye.

Getting your assist through points might be her way of signaling that she needs a ‘strong man’ to help her. This engages your ‘helper/provider’ instincts, which has actually the potential to rise your attractivity towards her and geneprice a deeper connection.

It’s referred to as the ‘damsel in distress’ technique—and also it works.

Getting your aid puts you in closer proximity to her. It’s her means of saying, “I’m attracted to you and desire you to notice me. I’m literally a damsel in distress!”

4. She Often Offers to Aid You

If she provides to aid you throughout the day, volunteers her time to aid you with tasks, and/or otherwise interjects herself into your affairs in a useful manner—then there’s more than likely a factor for it.

Men, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

She wouldn’t be trying to carry out added occupational unless tright here was a reason behind it!

Either she’s simply simple ambitious and desires recognition—or you are the widespread denominator.

This might be her method of saying, “Look, I’m advantageous and also I make your life much better. I’m a good capture. Maybe you should make a move!”

5. She Tries to Spfinish Time via You Beyond Work


Does she message you, call you, text you, and/or invite you to points exterior of work?

If so, there’s a strong possibility that she desires to develop a deeper link via you.

I offered to work through a beautiful woman who constantly flirted through me on the job.

But it wasn’t until I invited her over for breakfast one morning (after night shift) that I realized what was going on.

She was super enthusiastic around hanging out external of work. She confirmed up in this sexy dress, had her makeup all done up, and also sat as cshed to me as feasible.

It was suddenly extremely evident to me that this was even more than a ‘friendly’ hangout to her.

(My then-wife wasn’t super thrilled about this, by the way—yet that’s a story for another time!)

6. She Asks You About Your Friends and also Family, and Also Tells You About Hers

Many kind of researches have suggested that household attributes aspect strongly into mate selection, and for great reason.

She may be trying to learn even more about your family bereason she’s interested in a future through you.

Why does she talk to you around her friends and also family?

In the words of one of my cshed female friends, there’s a basic explacountry for that as well:

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7. She ‘Accidentally’ Touches You More Than Once


Does she brush into you once she walks by? Do her feet or her legs rub against yours under the table in the time of meetings?

I when worked through a co-worker who would walk up behind me and also poke me to gain my attention.

She was the just perkid in our department that did this, and she didn’t carry out it to anyone else.

I never sought it, bereason I was married and monogamous. But years later, I found out that she had a pretty hardcore crush on me at the time.

Keep this in mind. One touch may be an accident.

But if it happens twice or even more, odds are excellent that she’s doing it on function.

Pro Tip: Women don’t just touch YOU as soon as they’re flirting. They’ll likewise touch themselves—their hair, their shoulders, their necks, and so on Keep an eye out for this essential cue.

If you capture her looking at you even more than when, it might suggest curiosity.

Or, she’s looking at you because she’s interested.

If she smiles and keeps the eye call going for a second or 2 after you notice her, just to look amethod and also flip her hair—there’s a strong, solid opportunity that there’s sexual interest at play.

9. She Flirts through You


According to Joann Ellichild Rodgers, flirting is a straightforward attractivity signal that literally developed in humans to aid facilitate the survival of our DNA through sex and reproduction.

It’s just how we focus the attention of someone we are interested in—an approach for providing, displaying, and attracting attention and desire.

Does she often talk via you, joke through you, touch you, and also execute other points that effectively attract your attention to her—specifically when the attention wasn’t professionally necessary?

This is her way of saying “Hey, I think you’re attractive and also I’m trying to gain your attention.”

10. She Remembers Details That You’ve Told Her About Yourself

Does she seem to have an uncanny capability to remember work and also individual details about you?

If so, it could mean that she’s paying closer attention to you than normal.

Helen Fisher, a renowned organic anthropologist, describes why we tfinish to gain so focused on someone as soon as we have a crush on them:

In various other words—sex-related interest and a crush equate to ‘hyper brain focusing power.’

This is her way of saying, “I notice even more about you than anyone else bereason you’re vital to me and also on my mind.”

11. She Talks About the Two of You as Being ‘Together’


Womales obtain excited when they develop a crush.

If she has a crush on you, she’s more than likely fantasized A LOT around being in a partnership together.

And sometimes, this might come out in her speech.

“We would certainly make such a cute couple!”

“If we were together, I wouldn’t nag at you favor your GF does.”

It can be a Freudian Slip—however most of it’s most likely intentional. It’s her way of saying “Hey, I’m open to making this a actual thing! Make a relocate already!”

12. She Makes a Determined Effort to Look Nice


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that women try to level-up their appearance as soon as they’re interested in attracting a guy.

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This is explained fairly straight by David M. Buss in his book The Evolution Of Desire: Strategies of Person Mating.