Canister or upright, no issue the kind, your Kenmore version 116 mostly consists of a powerhead or wand also, a suction hose, and also a manage. Until it comes to transforming the belt, the process of disassembling it continues to be pretty equivalent. Follow the instructions below, and also it’s just a matter of time before all the screws come loose.

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How to Take Acomponent a Kenmore Vacuum Model 116?

So, first points first. Before diving deep, you will certainly need to take the wheeled canister, the suction hose, and also the power-mate wand acomponent. To carry out so, begin from the take care of and also push every release button dvery own to the base of the wand. Discommunicate all the components by twisting the joints gently.

The power-mate wand consists of a footplate and 2 various other pieces. Put these pieces ameans and move on to departing the canister. At the allude wright here the hose and also the canister accomplish, tbelow is a plastic socket. Pinch the latch on that socket and also take the plastic hose out of the canister.

Once you have separated the canister, push the built-in latch on its take care of. Then release the hood cover sitting on the canister. Inside, you will certainly uncover the vacuum bag, which you deserve to easily discard. Now that all the primary sections are taken apart, you may proceed to the even more detailed project, which is disassembling each segment.


How Do I Disassemble Brush on Kenmore Vacuum Model 116?

Turn the Powermate upside down and also unscrew the two screws utilizing a screwdriver. Though any flathead screwdriver need to execute, you could want to consider a Phillips-Head screwdriver. Lift the 4 latches as described in the powerhead disassemble area to open the cover. Next off, pull the brush up, slide it out from the belt and also rerelocate it from the Powermate.

How to Change the Belt on a Keneven more Vacuum Cleaner Model 116?

If yours is a canister vacuum cleaner, follow the instructions in the powerhead disassemble section. Once you have removed the previous belt, wrap the brand-new one approximately the brush roller. Now, location the roller back and also usage the tabs to re-attach the powerhead. Instructions for an upideal vacuum cleaner are as follows.

Over the agitator housing that sits at the base, you will certainly discover 2 plastic screws. Use your level head screwdriver to revolve them in such a means that they both point up and also down. Pull off the agitator housing and situate the roller brush. Afterward, remove the old or damaged belt from the roller.

All you need to execute currently is wrap the new belt through the roller brush and also about the wheel at the ago. Place the roller ago right into the plastic shell and attach the agitator housing. That’s it! Your Kenmore Model 116 is prepared to roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to inspect whether the vacuum belt is damaged or not?

Ans: If you have not tried disassembling your Keneven more version 116 yet, give a glance underneath. Turn the vacuum on and also watch if the brush roller is spinning or stuck. Unmuch less it’s spinning, your major guess have to be a flawed belt. You deserve to be sure of it if the damaged belt is viewed flopping about.

Q: How do I remove the vacuum hose?

Ans: Use a flat head screwdriver to rerelocate the clamps. Once they are rerelocated, grab the clamped end and twist to break it loose. You must be able to rotate the hose side to side fairly conveniently. Now hold the oppowebsite finish and pull the vacuum hose. Keep turning it side to side till it is completely rerelocated.

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Final Words

Whether you’re up for some repair or only a few replacements, we hope this overview helped you kind things out. To obtain it ago right into one piece, sindicate follow the instructions in reverse order. And you’ll be tbelow in no time.