In these days our mobile phones attribute incredible functions choose the ability to shoot a screenshot. With a display screen size of 5.3″ and also a resolution of 1440 x 2560px, the LG G5 from LG guarantees to capture high quality images of the finest occasion of your presence.

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Just for a screenshot of famous apps choose Snapchat, Viber, Linkedin,… or for one email, the process of taking screenswarm on the LG G5 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow is definitely incredibly straightforward. The truth is, you have actually the option among two fundamental solutions. The initially one provides the continuous items of your LG G5. The second choice will have actually you use a third-party apps, trusted, to generate a screenshot on your LG G5. Let’s endure the first method

How you have the right to make a manual screenswarm of your LG G5

Head over to the screen that you want to record


Hold together the Power and Volum Dvery own buttonYour amazing LG G5 actually realized a screenshoot of the display

In the instance that your LG G5 don’t have actually house switch, the approach is as below:

Hold together the Power and also Home buttonYour LG G5 just did a wonderful screenshot that you are able share by mail or SnapChat.


In case that you are the possessor of an LG smartphone, like the LG G5 the POWER switch have the right to be situated on the rear side of the phone. In this situation, press POWER and also VOLUME DOWN.

How to take a screenswarm of your LG G5 utilizing third party apps

In situations wbelow you choose to take screenshoots many thanks to 3rd party apps on your LG G5, you can! We decided for you one or two efficient apps that you’re able to install. There is no need to be root or some shady tricks. Set up these apps on your LG G5 and take screenshots!

Bonus: In the event that you are able to upday your LG G5 to Android 9 (Android Pie), the procedure of making a screenshot on the LG G5 is extremely more directly forward. Google made a decision to simplify the procedure in this way:

Hold on the power switch of the LG G5 until you find out a pop-up menu on the left of the display orHead over to the display screen you aspire to shoot, swipe down the notice bar to come throughout the screen down below.


Tap Screenshot and also and also tright here you go!


Right currently, the screenswarm taken through your LG G5 is conserved on a distinctive folder.

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Head over to your Photos Gallery (Pictures)You have actually a folder called Screenshot

Following that, you are able to share screenshots realized with the LG G5.