I"ve been practicing my C# lately on a new system. Compiling is fine, however when I try to run the generated .exe file, avast! thinks it is malware and runs it in the sandbox for a while (and also it doesn"t work in the sandbox as it must work-related normally), and just once it has finiburned scanning it will it let me run it usually.

When I attempt to run it again, the majority of of the time the very same process happens, whether I make transforms to the code or not.

Is tbelow any kind of way I might play about through Avast"s settings to soptimal it attacking my programs?

Note: I"m taking care of exceptionally straightforward, command prompt programs here.

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According to a user manual that I had the ability to uncover for variation 4.8(view page 40), You should carry out as the comments imply and also add your obj directory or bin magazine to the exclusions list.

According to a write-up I discovered in the Avast forums from 2011 you have the right to additionally include exclusions for single papers by:

...manually edit the line wbelow the path for the exception is. So, utilizing the "browse" button, choose initially the folder, and also then edit the resulting course and also "add" to exclusions. You deserve to also usage "*" and also "?".


You have to disable Asubstantial DeepScreen:

Open Alarge user interface>Settings>Antivirus uninspect, Enable DeepScreen.


It is now a much smaller option on the very same web page, (6th one down)

The alternative is harder to discover (in my opinion) for the various variation I have actually (version in the image).

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In Asubstantial Premier 2017, disabling Hardened Mode does nothing! Instead you have to disable CyberCapture as displayed below:



As others have actually discussed, the culprit is DeepScreen. It"s specifically poor if you have Ahuge collection to Silent/gaming mode bereason then you deserve to gain unexpected/bizarre behavior and also have no concept why. (I spent a whole day debugging the installer for a regimen I"m developing bereason it all of a sudden started running twice eincredibly single time I introduced it--DeepDisplay is incredibly forgetful--and just prospering on the the second run.)

Going under Setups, Upday, Details, you deserve to revolve off popups for the majority of them--the annoying update-associated popups, which have to make it less complicated to work-related undisturbed, play video games, etc. But DeepScreen popups still pop up!

CANNOT DISABLE DEEPSCREEN: I"ve tried disabling DeepScreen totally (under Settings, Antivirus), considering that it"s so disruptive, yet this checkbox shows up to have actually no effect.

Unfortunately, the just way I currently have actually of disabling DeepDisplay (in Ahuge 2014.9.0.2021) is to disable all shields! And I"m not even certain that this is working, given that I occasionally gain DeepScreen popups even through all shields disabled. Ahuge can"t be prevented from founding with Windows throughout boot, so maybe uninstalling Asubstantial is the only solution.