When you come in to obtain abrand-new RAM truckfrom us atMontgomery Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram , you"re going to acquire a RAM essential fob via it. Now, we all knowwhat a crucial fob is and what it looks favor. It"s not a newinvention, after all, having actually been created in the 1980s. Sincethen, and also even in the past decade alone, the capcapacity of the keyfob has actually come an very long method. Your RAM vital fob can carry out morethan you might realize -store analysis to learn eexceptionally capcapacity of your RAMs key fob.

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1. Lock/Unlock Feature

The Keyless Get in "n Go feature of your design ramps up theconvenience that"s delivered to you by your RAM essential fob. You canlock or unlock your doors and also your tailgate, including theliftgate, swing gate and also trunk. Plus, you deserve to roll dvery own or roll upyour model"s home windows without totally founding the vehicle! Press theengine begin switch when without pressing the brakes. This willenable your vehicle to enter the "ACC," or accessory mode. Access yourwindshield wipers and also windows all at the push of a button!

2. Remote Start Feature

If your RAM is equipped via remote start, you deserve to begin or shutdvery own the engine from up to 300 feet ameans from the vehicle. Simplypress and release the remote begin switch (x2 via a circle) on thevital fob twice within 5 seconds. You"ll hear your vehicle"sengine start automatically, and also it"ll proceed running for 15minutes prior to shutting dvery own. How have the right to you manually shut off yourengine without waiting for the 15-minute cycle to end? Push thebutton a third time.

3. Infotainment Feature

With your key fob, enter the ACC mode to accessibility your vehicle"sradio! If you press the engine start button an additional time,you"ll enter the "Run" mode, wherein you deserve to access the instrumentcluster and climate control mechanism.


If your key fob has an concern and it"s not functioning appropriately, youmost likely just need to reregimen it. Lucky you for, RAM 1500 keyfob programming is rather straightforward. Just follow these measures below!

Without pressing the brakes, hit the engine start switch untilit is in "Run" mode.Once the chimes in your truck soptimal, push and also organize the"Unlock" button on your RAM 1500 key fob for 10 secs.Release.As you"re releasing the "Unlock" switch, press and release the"Panic" crucial.Once you hear a chime, push the button(s) that you require toreroutine.Turn your ignition off to finish programming.

As we stated, you deserve to access your window controls and evenwindshield wiper and also radio controls by clicking the start engineswitch till it"s in "ACC," or accessory mode.

In the earlier of your crucial fob, you have the right to open a compartment thatholds a standard crucial. Take that crucial out and unlock yourauto the old fashioned way. Then, take the bottom end of thecrucial and hold it against the engine ignition switch, press thebrakes and press the button via the key. Your truck willacknowledge the essential and begin up!

This is the very same procedure as once you have to begin it withoutyour essential fob. Get the constant key out of the earlier of the fob,press it against the ignition, press the brake and also you"re goodto go! You can likewise replace your vital fob battery and also use thefob.

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The price to replace your essential fob have the right to range between $500 to$600, relying on which RAM model/trim you very own. If you justneed a new vital fob battery or a RAM 1500 key fob cover, thosewill normally cost a lot much less, and also you most likely will not pay anymore than around $40 for both items together.

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