Learning how to prepare and also begin a Ouija board session often consists of rituals and also even chants. Use these techniques to create the best power for your Ouija board session.

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Find a Good Place

You must choose an area wbelow you will not be disturbed. The room need to have excellent power because you want to invite benevolent energies to join you. Avoid holding a session in some dark, dank basement or creepy melted, since prefer energies attract like energies as soon as you work with energy frequencies.

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Set up the Board

Before you jump into the session, take time to erected the room. Some people prefer to remainder the Ouija board on their knees through their knees emotional to steady the board. However before, most world like making use of a table and also chairs for comfortable and also easier board usage.

You"ll need:

A level table and a chair for each perkid participating Square or round table small enough that each perkid have the right to reach the various other side of the board must the planchette move there. At least 2 people to use the planchette One person to serve as the scribe

You have the right to have actually other participants. However before, the desired maximum number of participants is four, because each person needs to touch the planchette. You can have actually as many type of observers as you favor. For the sake of debate, the placement example is for two participants and a scribe.

Place one chair on each side of the table so participants will be sitting directly throughout from each various other. When the session begins, the scribe will compose dvery own every little thing that comes via the board. The scribe will certainly be the just one to ask inquiries of the heart. This permits the participants to focus on the planchette and also boost the spirits" energies. It likewise offers the spirits only one perkid to listen to throughout the session.

If the two participants choose to place the Ouija Board on their laps, then make certain the knees are touching so the board is level in between them. If even more than two people are going to get involved through the planchette, then collection the board on a table to encertain it is stable and also everyone can touch the planchette.

For the best results of your Ouija Board session, allow your scribe to perform their project. If you have specific things you wish to ask, administer these to the scribe prior to the session begins. You deserve to additionally video or voice document your session, but don"t depend on it given that electronic gadgets have the right to shut off, batteries drainpipe, or other form of malattribute.

Clear Your Space of Negative Energy

The area wright here you plan to organize your Ouija board session need to be cleansed via a sage bundle. Sage is believed to clear an area of any type of negative power, so you absolutely must smudge the area.

Light the sage smudge bundle. Allow the smudge bundle to burn for a couple of secs then blow out the flame. The sage will continue to smolder as you walk around the room and permit the smoke from the sage to fill the air. Pay cshed attention to the corners by holding the sage stick in each corner so the smoke fills the area. Wave the smoke into the corner if necessary. While you"re smudging the room, you can repeat a chant to aid you. This verbal aspect of cleansing need to be done through a clear and calm voice. Don"t yell or sheight harshly. You want to sfinish out inviting and also loving energy, so the tone of your voice must be organic and also never compelled. Talk the way you would to a person you want to make feel ideal at house. A few examples include:

With this burning of sage, I cleanse this room of all negative energies. As this sage burns, so do the negative energies built up here. With this incense, let the frequency of the energies in this room rise to the greater realm.

You have the right to repeat other chants or a prayer throughout the cleansing part of your preparation. These can additionally be shelp as soon as you sit down at the Ouija board to open up the session.

Ring a Bell to Attract Positive Energies

Once you"ve smudged the room, lift the frequencies of the space better to expel any kind of residual negative energy via sound. You deserve to use any kind of bell, such as a dinner bell. This activity ensures your room is totally cleansed and also cleared of all residual energies.

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The sound of a ringing bell opens and empties the room"s energies. It creates a vacuum effect that have the right to then be filled via brand-new and also positive energies. As you go around the room ringing the bell, you may repeat any of these chants:

Let the energies of this room lift with the ringing of the bell. May all the energies existing increase to the frequency of the bell and also lift ameans all oppressing energies. Lift the energies of this room to that of the bell and cleanse all negative energies.

Protect Against Negative Entities

Once you"ve functioned out the sitting details and also designated your scribe, develop defense. You never before desire to simply open up the board and also start. Light the white candle to invoke spiroutine defense. Depfinishing on your personal choices, you deserve to either say a prayer, develop a protection circle, or place the room in a bubble of white light. Any of these techniques will work to encertain you just invite benevolent spirits to your session. Your spiroutine defense will repel any kind of malevolent spirits to ensure these low energies do not intrude in the time of your session.