If you’re confused on just how to start a fire in Breath of the Wild, don’t problem. You aren’t alone in wondering how to begin a fire, and also besides, fire is of important importance in making it through Breath of the Wild’s huge and dangerous civilization. Here’s just how to start a fire in Legfinish of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Method 1:

Hit a flint via a metallic weapon inches amethod from the hardwood. Flints are derived through breaking rocks through a bomb or hammer.

Method 2:

Shoot a fire arrowhead. Fire arrows are uncovered exceptionally at an early stage in the game, in a skull-favor framework eastern of the Temple of Time. Once adversaries are cleared, the chest inside the skull will unlock, rewarding you through fire arrows. Various village shops and also wandering sellers will certainly additionally carry this necessary item.

Method 3:

Transfer flame from in other places on a wood object, choose from a adjacent lantern or torch. This will eventually consume the wooden object.

Method 4:

Drop and also strike red Chuchu jelly (obtained from opponents dubbed Fire Chuchus) to reason a tiny explosion.

Bing-bang-boom! You’ve acquired fire.

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Fire has actually many applications in the human being of Breath of the Wild . You can usage it to detonate explosive barrels, burn distant platcreates wright here a chest rests, burn dry grass and other flora, reason an updraft and so forth.

Fire have the right to frequently be discovered in camps, under food preparation pots or in lanterns. Your wood arrows have the right to be set on fire. You deserve to cause added damage to opponents, solve puzzles, or communicate through the atmosphere via fire. But don’t collection yourself on fire - straight exposure to flame will melt Link’s health bar and his journey will certainly come to a smoldering end.

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