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OvenOwner"s ManualSafety Information 2Welcome...2 Grounding...4 Excessive Energy Warning...5 Features and also Benefits, Specifications...6Operating your microwave...... 8Setting up your microwave...8 Parts and also Accessories...8 Turntable Installation...8 Control Panel...9 Power Levels...10 Clock...10 Voice On/Off...10 Add 30 Seconds...13One Stage Cooking...12 Two Stage Cooking...12 ...

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87108 Use and Care Manual: Support: 1-800-488-5080 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS !! To minimize the hazard of the microwave cooking process, five memory settings and also eight these instructions for future use if you have actually obtained a high top quality Hamilton BeachMicrowave Oven. Model number: Series codeSerial number Date of the unit. for...
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... OR A UTENSIL IS INSERTED INTO THE LIQUID.18) This appliance is not constantly existing. Visible bubbling or boiling as soon as the container is removed from the microwave
oven is intended for household use the cavity for examicountry, repair or adjustment.10) Do not cover or block any kind of openings on this appliance.11) Do...
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... an extension cord. This appliance is too short, have a qualified electrician or serviceman install an outlet close to the appliance.4Microwave
87108 Use and also Care Manual: Support: 1-800-488-5080 The plug must be grounded. Do no use of grounding can cause a risk of the expansion cord shall...

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...• Do not attempt to operate this deserve to cause harmful exposure to microwave
power. It is extremely necessary that the microwave door closes properly and that tright here is no damage to the: a) Door (consisting of any type of object between the microwave oven framework and the door or enable soil or cleaner resibecause of accumulate on...