Establimelted in 2005, YouTube has actually end up being one of the many famous video sites today. It is a totally free platform for everyone; countless civilization roughly the world have developed their account on YouTube that permits them to Upload, watch, choose, share the video.

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YouTube enables its customers to favor uploaded videos of others on YouTube; customers have the right to see their Liked videos in the future, which appears in sequence from a lot of freshly favored video to leastern freshly chosen.

Tbelow are certain restrictions collection by the YouTube community, the maximum no of the video you deserve to prefer must not exceed 5000.

Method 1

On Desktop

Open YouTube:

Type http://www.YouTube.com in the URL box of your computer internet web browser and also press the "Enter" vital. If you are already logged into your YouTube account, you will be redirected to the Youtube home page; otherwise, you will be came down on the YouTube login web page. You should Enter your Email deal with or registered phone number, complied with by the password.


Tbelow is likewise an option to log in straight via your linked Google account, below you only have to select your Google account to log in. Make sure you have entered correct login credentials before proceeding to the sign-in option.

If you forget your password, click on the "Foracquire password" option situated simply listed below the password Tab. Once you have actually gone into your correct login credentials, click the "Next" choice situated listed below the password tab.

Click preferred videos:

On the homeweb page of your YouTube account, you will find an option "Liked videos" to the left side of the page. You have to scroll dvery own and also select the "Liked videos" situated in the middle. Doing so will certainly open a web page via a list of your youtube liked videos.


Recheck out your liked videos:

Once you clicked on the Liked videos, you will view videos shows up in sequence from most recently liked video to leastern recently preferred. If you want to see the video you favored, scroll dvery own and also see.


Method 2

On Mobile

Downpack YouTube App:

Go to your mobile play keep and kind the YouTube App in the search bar, a list of your associated search shows up just listed below the search icon, pick the Youtube application from the provided list.

Once you have schosen the youtube application, you have to tap on the Install icon located simply below the application. Your app starts downloading and install, once downloaded you should click the open up symbol situated below the application.

You may permit the app to access your details prior to permitting your YouTube App.

Open YouTube App:

Go to your mobile application web page and also tap the youtube application. It is a white " play" triangular form icon with a red background. It will open your YouTube house web page if you are already logged right into your YouTube account.


If you are not logged into your YouTube account, you must enter your email resolve or registered phone number and password in the provided tab.

Now, make certain you have gotten in correct login details before proceeding; otherwise, you won"t be able to login to your YouTube account. Once you have gone into correct login credentials, tap on the "Next" switch situated listed below the login page.

Tap Library:

Once you logged right into your YouTube account, you need to tap on the "Library" tab located at the bottom appropriate side of the YouTube homeweb page. If you tap the library icon, you will be navigated to a new web page.


Tap Liked Videos:

If you click the Library page, it will take you on a new page where you should tap the chosen videos icon situated at the bottom of the web page just below the playlists.


Rewatch your preferred videos:

Once you tape on the liked videos icon, you will watch your favored videos founding from the recent favored videos and also ends with the oldest one.

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If you desire to view all chosen videos, you should scroll dvery own the Liked video web page.