Recently we published a tweet, as it got renowned so many civilization chosen and also retweeted it. So simply being curious, we desire to understand the whole list of people that liked/retweeted a tweet we posted. Twitter has actually some constraints wbelow it doesn’t permit you to watch everyone if you have actually 100’s or 1000’s likes or retweets. Now you need to be asking a question to yourself “someone favorited my tweet yet I can’t check out who”. Well, we have actually the answer to your difficulty. Keep Reading!

Why can’t i see who preferred my tweet

Tright here is only one reason why you can’t check out the name of the perkid that favored or favorited your retweet. This happens as soon as a user has actually made their profile exclusive. If you have followed the perkid prior to they chosen or retweeted, just then you can watch them on the list.

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Suppose if you have actually gained 100 likes on your tweet however you are just able to check out 50, then the rest 50 has set their profile to private. If you wish to watch the future likes by them then you need to follow them.

How to See that Liked or Retweeted you

Tbelow are 2 techniques to view that liked or retweet you.

Method 1. Using a Computer

i) Login to your Twitter account.

ii) Click on profile on Left side of the display.


iii) Now Click on the tweet you to inspect chosen or retweets. This will open up the tweet individually via comments underneath it if have actually.


iv) Now under the tweet you will certainly number of civilization that liked or retweeted that tweet.


v) Click on likes or retweets and you will certainly watch a list of civilization.

Method 2: Using a Mobile Phone

i) Download the twitter mobile application from the Android or iPhone store if you don’t have one. Once set up log in.

ii) Click on 3 parallel lines in the height left edge of the display. You will check out a list of the drop-dvery own menu.


iii). Now click the profile. There you will certainly check out list of tweets done by you.


iv) Similar to desktop, click on any tweet you desire to examine likes and also retweets. This will open that tweet separately.

v) Once you open up that tweet you will certainly watch just how many kind of civilization chosen, quoted, or retweeted that tweet.

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These are the 2 techniques accessible as of currently when someone favorited your tweets. You have the right to see more users in the twitter app that preferred or retweeted than The desktop computer variation.

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