Need to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 20 and Note 20 Ultra? If you desire to capture screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 20 or Keep in mind 20 Ultra, tbelow are different means to do that.

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In this guide, we’ll display you 5 different ways to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and also Keep in mind 20 Ultra. Read on.

How to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and also Note 20 Ultra

Method 1: Using Volume Dvery own Key + Power button

The first approach entails making use of Volume down vital and Power switch. Press and hold the Volume dvery own key and Power button together for few secs. If you wish to capture complete web page, tright here is an Move tool at the bottom that you have the right to relocate about to select the page you desire to capture. Once you have caught the screenshot, it will certainly be conserved in the Screenshots folder in your Gallery application.

Method 2: Using Palm Swipe gesture

You can also use Palm Swipe gesture to take a screenshot by swiping your palm throughout the display. This function is enabled by default however if it is not allowed on your gadget, you have the right to revolve it on by adhering to the steps listed below.

Go to SettingsThen tap on State-of-the-art featuresNext off tap on Motions and also gesturesNow tap on Palm swipe to capture and toggle the switch ON

Method 3: Using the S Pen

Beside creating and drawing, the S Pen on your Galaxy Note 20 can also be used for taking screenshots. The advantage of utilizing this method is you can capture screenshots on various forms.

With your S Pen tap on S Pen options on the rightThen tap on Smart select. This will certainly popup a tool bar at the bottom of the screenNext off select the form from the tool bar and draw the outline on the display screen you desire to capture. The screenswarm will be caught as per the outline you have selectedNow tap on downpack icon to conserve the screenshot in your Gallery

Method 4: Using the Edge Panel

This strategy provides the Edge panel alternative to capture screenshots. To use this method, follow the measures below.

Open the Edge panel by swiping left on the white line situated on the best side of the screenThen tap on Settings icon (equipment symbol on the left of the Edge panel)Next off scroll the choices and choose Tasks to add to the Edge panelNow go earlier to the web page you desire to captureSwipe to open up the Edge panel and also you will view Take screenshots optionTap on Take screenshots to take your screenshots

The screenshots will be saved in the Screenshots folder in your Gallery app.

Method 5: Using Assistant Menu

Assistant food selection is a attribute that allows you to run your phone by simply tapping or swiping on the screen. It gives a shortcut to essential phone operations such as show current apps, swipe dvery own alert panel, readjust volume, go to house screen, lock your phone, take screenshots and much more.

To use Assistant food selection to take screenshots, follow the actions to turn on the Assistant menu.

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Go to SettingsThen scroll dvery own and tap on AccessibilityNext off tap on Interaction and dexterityNow tap on Assistant menu and toggle it ONThis will certainly permit the Assistant icon at the bottom ideal side of the display. Tap on it to open up the Assistant panel. Scroll left or ideal to view more items. Tap on the Screenshots icon to take the screenswarm.