In my Junk inventory I have the right to watch the components that consist of an item. For instance, an Adjustable Wrench returns Steel and a Gear. Tbelow are additionally tools and also armor I don"t require, and also debris lying roughly my negotiation in the form of cars, tires, trees, and so on.

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How can I rotate these points right into their component parts for crafting?


It"s uh... yeah. It"s a tiny complex. And unfortunately the game does not make this at all clear.

It all revolves approximately the Workshop.

Rapid summary

You deserve to break down five kinds of items into their components:

Moddable weapons: you need to manually break these down through the Weapons Workbench.Moddable armor: you must manually break these dvery own with the Armor Workbench.Non-moddable armor and also clothing: you must break these down by dropping them on the ground while in the Workshop food selection.Junk: these will be broken dvery own instantly for crafting; but, if you want to manually "liberate" certain components for any reason (e.g. pursuits or much easier transportation) you can break down junk by dropping it on the ground as above.Neighborhood debris: you must break these down by wandering approximately while in the Workshop menu.

Three benches impact component creation:

Weapons WorkbenchArmor WorkbenchWorkshop bench. Though this looks like simple a workbench like the others, it"s the heart of the crafting device and has an inventory that"s accessible for the other benches.

When damaged down, the components go to various inventories:

To your character"s inventory: components broken dvery own at a workbench.To the Workshop"s inventory: components damaged dvery own with the Workshop menu once you"ve dropped them or uncover them out in the area.

The components that are available to you for crafting are a combination of:

Actual base components (like Plastic) and potential components from junk items (favor the plastic in a Plastic Plate)Materials in your character"s inventory and products in the Workshop"s inventory

To get necessary components, the Workshop:

Will immediately break down junk items, whether in its inventory or your character"s inventoryWill not immediately break dvery own any type of other items (armor, tools, and so on.)Breaking dvery own junk inventory

You don"t have to break these dvery own to accessibility their components.

Let"s say you have actually a Plastic Plate in your inventory. When broken dvery own, that"s worth 2 plastic. But those two plastic are easily accessible as raw materials without a separate action of breaking them dvery own.

These materials are available for Workshop and also Workbench crafting whether they"re in your inventory or the Workshop"s inventory.

It"s additionally possible to break them down manually the same way as for area debris as described later: by dropping them on the ground and manually scrapping each one. (Incommonly as soon as you drop an object on the ground it will certainly disappear—falling through the ground or right into one more object—so you could desire to earlier up prior to doing this.)

Why would certainly you bother to break dvery own junk manually? If you setup to save these items in your inventory for their components, for instance to move them to another settlement, the components themselves will commonly be a lot lighter than the original item. Keep in mind the usually though. Examples:

10lb Lead Weight (10lb) = 3 Lead (0.9lb)Extinguisher (6lb) = 2 Asbestos, 2 Rubber, 4 Steel (1.2lb)Bag of Cement (8lb) = 5 Concrete (15lb)

(That last one is presumably bereason concrete = cement + sand/gravel/rock.)

Breaking dvery own moddable weapons

Moddable tools act in different ways from junk in that you have to break them dvery own at the Weapons Workbench.

Let"s say you have an Automated Institute Pistol, which consists of plastic as a component. That potential plastic is not accessible for crafting.

To make it accessible you need to go to the Weapons Workbench, select the weapon, and usage the Scrap command. This will location those components in your individual inventory.

While this is an extra action, it makes sense. If the Workshop automatically melts down a wrench in your inventory, that"s great. If it melts dvery own your beloved laser rifle... yeah. That sucks.

It is not possible to break down non-moddable weapons (for example grenades), even by dropping them and also utilizing the Workshop food selection.

Breaking down moddable armor

Armor that deserve to be modded works the same way as weapons: you must break it down to make its components available. You break it down the very same way, but using the Armor Workbench. This will location the components in your individual inventory.

Breaking down non-moddable armor and also clothing

Other apparel, including clothes and also non-moddable armor prefer helmets, should be broken dvery own the very same method as community debris, which is explained in detail following.

Similar to moddable armor and weapons, the Workshop will not break dvery own these products immediately. You should execute it manually.

Breaking dvery own community debris

For all the debris near a Workshop—walk up to the Workshop bench, choose the Workshop choice, and also then walk ameans from the Workshop.

As you walk roughly your neighborhood, items will certainly acquire highlighted with the option to Scrap them. Choose that alternative and they"ll gain broken down -- you deserve to also break a vehicle, tree, or fell down home right into its components in seconds.

Unlike the Weapons and also Armor benches, breaking items down this method areas them directly in the Workshop inventory rather than in your own. This makes sense: if you break down an entire home, you don"t desire to bring it roughly in your pockets.

While in this mode, you deserve to watch the Workshop"s location of affect as a translucent green wall about the region.

You have the right to primarily activate the Workshop crafting food selection from everywhere within the Workshop"s area of influence: hold down whatever vital, mouse switch, or controller switch you have actually mapped to "Toggle POV/Workshop". (Look at the Workbench and also it"ll tell you the key.) Just be sure you"re not looking at another item, like a container, as soon as you organize dvery own the essential, or the Workshop food selection could not appear.

Note that if you"re in the Workshop menu and have schosen an object to produce, you will not have the ability to Scrap items you find. Press Tab to break out of item development mode and also back right into the main Workshop food selection.

Workbench inventory sharing

Contents in the Workshop inventory are accessible for Workshop and Workbench use within that Workshop"s entire area of affect.

By default it"s not shared between Workbenches in various negotiations. As discussed in this question, you can erected a supply line to share sources between settlements.

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Leftover components perform not disappear

Many kind of people believe that once the Workshop instantly breaks dvery own a junk item to get a particular components, the other components are lost.

While this is a widespcheck out idea (and for excellent reasons), it"s not true. Details are in the accepted answer to the question What happens to additional materials from salvaged junk?