Let’s take a pausage from the Russian grammar and learn how to be polite in Russian. Today, you will certainly learn just how to say say thanks to you, please and you are welcome in Russian, and will certainly check out how to ask something politely in Russian.

Thank you in Russian

To say “thank you” in Russian, we usage the word спаси́бо:

Спаси́бо. Thank you.

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Instead of say thanks to you exceptionally much, we say huge thank you or huge give thanks to you:

Спаси́бо большо́е. / Большо́е спаси́бо.Thank you incredibly much.

Спаси́бо огро́мное. / Огро́мное спаси́бо.Thank you extremely much.

Instances of thank you in Russian:

Спаси́бо тебе́ за по́мощь.Thank you for your aid (just informal).

Спаси́бо вам за по́мощь.Thank you for your aid (just formal).

Спаси́бо большо́е за сове́т.Thank you very a lot for your advice.

Огро́мное спаси́бо всем, кто нас поддержа́л.Thank you very a lot to everyone who supported us.

– Вот ваш зака́з.– Спаси́бо.– Here is your order.– Thank you.

As you have noticed, as soon as we say say thanks to you for something, we usage the preplace за. The noun after this preposition goes in the Accusative case.

Please in Russian

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To say please in Russian, we use the word пожа́луйста:



– Пропусти́те, пожа́луйста.– Коне́чно, проходи́те.– Спаси́бо.– Let me go with please.– Sure, please go.– Thank you.

You are welcome in Russian

You will be surprised, however we usage the same word пожа́луйста to say you are welcome in Russian. You must constantly interpret it depending on the conmessage.

Have a look at these examples:

– Спаси́бо за то, что вы́ручил.– Пожа́луйста.– Thank you for helping out.– You are welcome.

– Дай мне вон ту па́пку, пожа́луйста.– Вот, держи́.– Спаси́бо.– Пожа́луйста.– Give me that file please.– Here you are.– Thank you.– You are welcome.

You deserve to additionally say не за что which literally implies there is nopoint to give thanks to me for, but it can be additionally analyzed as you are welcome. For example:

– Спаси́бо за кни́гу, о́чень интере́сная.– Не́ за что, я ра́да подели́ться.– Thank you for the book, incredibly interesting.– You are welcome, I’m glad to share.

– Спаси́бо, что подбро́сил.– Не́ за что.

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– Thank you for the ride.– You are welcome.

How to ask somepoint politely in Russian

When you need to ask something politely, you can use the complying with questions:

Бу́дьте добры́, … Would you be so sort …

Вы не могли́ бы …?Could you … ?

Подскажи́те, пожа́луйста, …Tell me please, …

Вы не подска́жете, …?Could you tell me please, …?


Бу́дьте добры́, помоги́те мне, пожа́луйста. Would you be so type to aid me please?

Вы не могли́ бы показа́ть мне доро́гу? Could you present me the means please?

Подскажи́те, пожа́луйста, где нахо́дится метро́? Tell me please, where is the metro?

Вы не подска́жете, как пройти́ на Не́вский проспе́кт?Can you tell please me how to acquire to Nevskies Prospect?