"Va te faire foutre" is the colloquial equivalent. The other translations given are as well literal and a lot stronger than the intfinished interpretation in English.

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Va au diable !

Avec un sens plus fort, plus imagé, voire artistique ou mélodramatique, un peu théâtral :

Va en enfer, Brûle en enfer !

Plus simple et straight dans le même sens:

Disparais !


Fiche-moi la paix (avec ça) !

Il y en a toute une série d"autres beaucoup moins correctes avec le lien déjà mentionné: Comment dire « go take a flying leap » en français ?



As other comments say, "Va au diable !" (when talking to a solitary person) is an old method to say it.

Tbelow are plenty of other methods to say it even more rudely. A more current variation and still "formal" would certainly be

Va te faire cuire un oeuf.

And more usual :

Va te faire voir


CRNTL, you have actually the alternative :

Someone :

Allez au diable !

or :

Va au diable !

Someone"s argument :

Va au diable avec tes histoires !

Something :

Au diable tout cela !


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Va/Allez au diable

is an excellent translation for

Go to hell

however that"s not something world generally say. People are even more likely to use

Va/Allez chier !

which literally means

go take a shit!

With the exception of "aller au diable"/au diable!", some of the suggestions over, while definitely offered in modern slrfc.org, are not correct translations for "Go to hell" because they are a lot more vulgar (also though a high level of vulgarity has become quite prevalent in every day language). "Go to hell", while not polite, is fairly tame these days, so the complying with expressions are not appropriate equivalents once translating:XXX - "Va te faire foutre"="Go fuck yourself/Go get yourself fucked"XXX - "Va/Allez chier != Go take a shit"......................These other suggestions are similar in register:

Fiche-moi la paixaller se faire cuire un œuf/Va te faire cuire un œuf. aller se faire voir (ailleurs) /Va te faire voir (ailleurs)

See even more expressions here: https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/aller_se_faire_voir