No in French is “non”. But what around nope, not at all, or no way? Let’s check out the many kind of various ways of saying no in French & practice with my audio recordings.

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Saying “non” in French for “no” is undoubtedly among the initially French words you learned. But tbelow are different means to answer in the negative in French.

This article functions audio recordings. Click the blue message alongside the headphone to hear me say that word or sentence in French.

Keep in mind that when applicable, I used a modern-day spoken French pronunciation.

1 – Non, The Typical No in French

The typical method to say “no” in French is “non“. But be aware that “no” in French as in English is fairly a powerful word.

If a frifinish kindly exhas a tendency an invitation to you, are you going to just answer “no” in English? I don’t think so! You will certainly nuance the “no”. It’s vital to carry out so also in French.

Please push on the audioplayer to listen to my recording of the instance.

Tu veux dîner avec moi samedi ?Would you like to have actually dinner through me on Saturday?Ah, non, désolée, malheureusement je ne peux pas. Tu es libre un autre jour ?Ah, no, I’m sorry, unfortunately I cannot. Are you accessible another day?

More about politely accepting or refusing an invitation in French in my write-up.


3 – Not at all in French

Saying “not at all” in French is exceptionally prevalent. We say “pas du tout“, and use it a lot in French politeness for instance.

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Tu es sûr, ça ne te déselection pas d’ouvrir la fenêtre ?Are you certain you don’t mind opening the window?Non, Pas du tout ! (note I pronounced this “non” as “nan”…)I don’t mind at all!

Here is “pas du tout” supplied in context by my daughter Leyla once she was 4. She’s telling me a French mother’s day poem. Sooooo cute!!

4 – No Way in French

For a categoric French “no”, we’d usage the expression “pas question” or “hors de question”.

Je peux sortir ce soir avec mes amis ?May I go out tonight with my friends?Pas question ! Tu as école demajor !No way! Tright here is institution tomorrow!

Funny this instance concerns mind, as I simply posted a video of my daughter (15 as I write this article) – just kidding, Leyla is super severe and a A student!

5 – You Must be Kidding in French

Anvarious other modern expression to say “no” in French is “tu plaisantes !!” as in “are you kidding me?”. Let’s call this one the ironic French “no”!

Tu veux bien me prêter 10 Euros ?Would you mind lending me 10 Euros? Tu plaisantes ?You must be kidding!

6 – The English French No