I"m creating a story wbelow one male claims to one more guy in Gerguy, "I recognize who you are." They just simply met, and also they wouldn"t use "du". Is this right: "Ich weiss wer Sie sind"?

And does it require a comma after "weiss"?

EDIT: They simply met. They are spies, and also both are undercover. The man speaking suggests he knows the various other guy is a spy, and also he thinks he knows which side the various other man is functioning for. He does not intend he knows his name, yet he knows his function.

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The literal translation would certainly be

Ich weiß, wer Sie sind!

One could argue that this would suppose that the male saying this does understand the other man personally (his name etc.).

If you would choose to emphadimension that the guy does not recognize the various other guy personally however knows his "role" you might usage somepoint prefer

Ich weiß, was Sie sind!

That converts to "I understand what you are!". It sounds a little bit strange, yet possibly that"s specifically what you have to make clear that one spy knows that the other male is a spy, as well.

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Tright here is an additional possibility: kennen (to know , as in to be acquainted through someone, in contrast through wissen which is offered to talk around understanding a certain fact).

Tright here is a general activity towards more and also more usage of du. Without seeing even more of your story, it"s hard to rule out du.

So the sentence can look choose this:

Ich kenne dich.

An advantage of "dich" here is that your English readers can have an much easier time expertise it.

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Recognizing a perchild means having sufficient expertise of the persons attributes to acknowledge them aobtain even when some of those features have actually readjusted.

Knowledge in Germale is: Wissen or Kenntniss

Re-cognizing in slrfc.org: wieder-erkennen

The verb belonging to Wissen is wissen. The initially perboy singular of wissen is "weiss".

The initially person singular of wiedererkennen is "erkenne wieder".

Ich weiss, wer sie sind.

If you desire to say that you have actually recognized a person:

Ich erkenne sie wieder.

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