This is another vocabulary leskid and now we’ll learn some valuable Russian phrases. From one of our previous lessons you have currently learned a couple of Russian greetings. Today we’ll cover them in details and also learn the most common methods to say hello in Russian in formal and also informal cases.

In a lot of langueras, the conventional hello formula generally has not only hello itself, yet likewise exactly how are you?. To rerotate the greeting you normally say I’m fine, give thanks to you, how are you?.

In Russian, unchoose in English, these phrases depfinish on who you talk to (whether your greeting is formal or informal).

Listen to the audio and also repeat after it.

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Informal Russian greetings

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The a lot of straightforward and also straightforward means to say hello in Russian is приве́т. It is a casual greeting and you can likewise use it as hi or hey:

Приве́т.Hi. / Hey. / Hello.

How are you? in Russian is:

Как дела́? How are you? How are you doing? (lit. – How are the things?)

The expression over have the right to be used both in formal and also informal cases.

And the next phrase is just proper for informal cases as it contains the informal pronoun ты (in the Genitive case):

Как твои́ дела́?How are you? (lit. – How are your things?)

Tbelow are additionally other means to ask exactly how are you? in Russian:

Как жизнь?How are you? (lit. – How is the life?)

Что но́венького?What’s new? What’s up?

To reply and to return the question, use the following phrases:

Отли́чно, как у тебя́?Excellent, just how are you?

А ты как? And you?

А твои́ как? And you?

А как у тебя́?And you?

Formal Russian greetings

Now let’s look at the formal situations. Formal hello in Russian is:

Здра́вствуйте.Good morning (afternoon, evening).

You have the right to constantly replace hello with wishing people a good time of the day:

До́брое у́тро. Good morning.

До́брый день. Good day / afternoon.

До́брый ве́чер. Good evening.

To ask how are you? and to return the question in formal instances use these phrases:

Как ва́ши дела́?How are you?

Спаси́бо, хорошо́. Как у вас?Fine, give thanks to you. How about you?

А как ва́ши (дела)? And exactly how around you?

А вы как? And you?

Рад вас ви́деть. Nice to view you. (said by a man)

Ра́да вас ви́деть. Nice to see you. (shelp by a woman)

Good for both cases

Regardless of who you are talking to, you answer to just how are you? deserve to be one of these:

Спаси́бо, хорошо́. Fine, thank you.

Спаси́бо, непло́хо. Not bad, give thanks to you.

Норма́льно. Okay.

Как обы́чно. As usual.

Всё в поря́дке, спаси́бо. Everypoint is excellent, give thanks to you.

Ничего́ осо́бенного. Nothing unique.

Так себе́. So so.

Не о́чень. Not extremely well.

Пло́хо. Bad.

Отли́чно. Great.

Замеча́тельно. Great. Perfect.

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Прекра́сно. Great. Perfect. Wondeful.

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Now you are familiar with the standard Russian greetings and recognize exactly how to say hi, hello, and just how are you? in Russian and also to respond to a greeting.

We hope you enjoy our lessons. Stick via us and we will gladly aid you on your means to learn the Russian language!