When you"re traveling in China, you need to use a polite greeting, when you need to ask for aid or make the acquaintance of someone in China. However before, greetings are offered a a lot better prestige in China than they are in Western Countries.

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Today, this write-up will certainly tell you exactly how to say and also compose great night in Chinese, when you take a trip in Chinese-speaking areas, it will be very useful, and if you want to understand more means to say have a goodnight in mandarin, you can book our Travel Mandarin Course. It will tell you all what you want in take a trip.

What do Chinese civilization say after the conversation? Tright here are not as many kind of choices. They generally say 再(zài)见(jiàn), suitable for any kind of time, any kind of occasions. Or if it is late at night, human being also say 晚安(wǎn"ān), which implies excellent night. Then, exactly how to say goodnight in Chinese?


Good Night! 晚(wǎn)安(ān) ! ("wan" is "w"+"on" through a descfinishing then increasing tone; "an" is "on" via a sustained tone).

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English translations of 晚(wǎn) are evening, late, lateness, night. Chinese instance words containing the character 晚 ( wan / wăn ):


傍晚 ( bàngwăn = at nightautumn ) 晚餐 ( wăncān = dinner ) 晚饭 ( wănfàn = stop ) 晚会 ( wănhuì = evening party ) 晚上 ( wănshang = evening ) 晚霜 ( wănshuāng = night cream ) 夜晚 ( yèwăn = night )

English translations of 安(ān) are tranquility, calm, safety and security, ampere, to secure, to pacify, quiet, calm, security, calm. Chinese instance words containing the character 安 ( an / ān ):


安插 ( ānchā = to plant ) 安顿 ( āndùn = to arrange for ) 安静 ( ānjìng = quiet ) 安宁 ( ānníng = peaceful ) 安排 ( ānpái = to arrange ) 安全 ( ānquán = defense ) 安稳 ( ānwĕn = smooth and also steady )

So how do you say goodnight in Chinese in a cute way ?

好梦- hǎo mèng- good dreams

晚安宝贝- wǎn"ān, bǎobèi - goodnight, baby

早点休息 -zǎodiǎn xiūxī- have a great rest

晚安,做个好梦- wǎn"ān, zuò gè hǎo mèng - good night, and also sweet dreams

美梦- měi mèng- sweet dreams

明天见 - míngtiān jiàn - see you tomorrow

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