Make your means through the tunnel to a camp and also then collect the Plant , GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Cache 1 , and Salvage . Create a rope bridge to the rocky wall throughout the method and shimmy alengthy the external of the location to enter the bunker.

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Collect the Salvage at the earlier of the room and then check the wall close to the roped doormeans for a Flag (1/4) via an octagram (eight-pointed star) and also burn it to begin the Challenge: Previous Inhabitants .


Crawl through the tunnel and also closely departure the various other side to stealth kill a Solarii and then take cover behind the bundled pipes. Take treatment of the 2 welders to the ideal and also left with an arrow to the head and also then move forward and wait for a Solarii to roll an explosive barrel toward the team of males.

Shoot the barrel to take treatment of the 4 guys and then ago up and prepare for reinforcements. The majority of the new adversaries will have actually armor protecting their head, so pull out your attack rifle and/or shotgun to take treatment of the remaining enemies.


Silently kill the welders to dwindle the variety of opponents you’ll need to address after blowing up the explosive barrels.

Once the area is clear, check the edge close to the entrance for a GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Cache 2 and also the northeastern corner of the courtyard for a Plant and also then head to the back of the area to uncover the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: In Search of the Star record.

Get in the hall in the northwest edge and rush about the edge via a weapon drawn to shoot the explosive barrel, hopetotally killing the guy that pushes it, and also then complete off the rest of the Solarii while watching out behind you for a sneak strike.


Collect the document at the ago of the room before entering the hall, easily shooting the explosive barrel prior to it reaches Lara.

Head upstairs and also examine the room on the appropriate for Salvage x2 and also then carefully head earlier into the primary location, peeking around the corner to enrespond to even more Solarii. Focus on the men throwing dynamite from across the courtyard and also then focus on the males on the level over.

Cross the gap and inspect the room for some Salvage and then swing throughout the pole and climb approximately the following level, instantly turning best to shoot an explosive barrel on the optimal floor to dispatch the Solarii. Jump across the gap behind you to collect some Salvage and also a Food Cache and also then cross the pipe for one more Food Cache and also a steel Salvage cprice.


Backtrack across the gap and also check the other side of the building to spot one more Flag (2/4) , which you deserve to burn with a fire arrow, and also then usage the ramp to reach the peak level.

Circle the exterior of the area to burn one more Flag (3/4) , collect a Food Cache , and then inspect the northeastern edge of the roof for the GPS Cache 3 . You deserve to now head toward the object surrounded in rope, but don’t drop simply yet and rather look up to spot a Flag (4/4) on the power cable tower.


Drop down to the camp and head toward the truck to collect a Plant and then inspect behind it for a Japanese 2 Sen Coin . Head back towards the camp and also collect the Plant near the stacked boxes in front of the truck and also then circle it to uncover the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Cache 4 .

Grab the Endurance Crew - Alex: Over His Head document near the camp and also then create a zipline to the adjacent island also and also slide dvery own, collecting the GPS Cache 5 behind some rocks. You can currently take the zipline to reach the Endurance. <100 XP>

Grab the Japanese Coin relic close to the camp (left) prior to sliding down the rope to find a GPS Cache behind some rocks (right).

Find Alex¶

Tright here are two normal Solarii and also a huge one in the next location, but wait for the giant to assist pull over a section of the Endurance and also go back to the left before quickly taking out the two normal sized guys.

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The most basic method to defeat this mini-boss is to usage Dodge Counter to stab him via an arrowhead and also then shoot him in the head via the shotgun. Do this a few times to reason sufficient damages to stun him, indicated with a prompt, and then strategy him and also attack through Triangle/Y multiple times.