Apple Added a new lock-display notification facility cover style completely in its eleventh iteration operating device of iPhone, iPad, and also iPod. Even there aren’t any changes found to reply and dismiss notifications. However before, many type of consumers report on Apple assistance as unable to answer the lock display messperiods (Fast Reply not working). As such, its device pressures you to unlock the display first and respond to the opponent’s frifinish, mate, girlfrifinish, boyfriend, and so on.

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You also come throughout a comparable concern that cannot conveniently reply on iOS, which is a strange glitch. Don’t worry. Here I will share potential troubleshooting via you that helps you get rid of iOS reply from the lock display screen not functioning.

You male scroll dvery own your tool display screen and acquire the finish overview to resolve iPhone quick reply not working on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, or quick reply without 3D touch tool running on latest iOS. Let’s obtain began closely and also fight over your iPhone operating system concerns.

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How troubleshoot Rapid Reply not functioning on iPhone and iPad

How troubleshoot Fast Reply not working on iPhone and also iPad


Fix #1. First of all, you should check out quick reply is turned on in the settings App.

Go to Settings App – Touch ID & Passcode – Get in your tool uncloaking Passcode – Now scroll down the display to make certain Reply via Message toggle enabled/Environment-friendly.


Sometimes innocently or can due to Recollection all Settings. Your device View option is lacking, and also only the Clear alternative shows up once the swipe notice is left to the ideal. Due to Turn off the Reply via Message, you cannot send reply messaging from the lock screen for text apps choose Apple’s indigenous message, Whatsapplication, FB Messenger, Snapchat, and much more.

If your device settings are the exact same as our provided image, and also still, quick reply won’t occupational from notification badge/bar, then store proceeds for even more workarounds.

Fix #2. Long Press on the message Notification noting happen

Check out 3D touch is turned ON/Eco-friendly. Turned off pressure touch kill the texting box via keyboard comes appropriate up.

So just how perform I rotate on 3D touch on my iPhone?

Open the SettingsTap Accessibility-Click 3D touch–Turn 3D Touch toggle ON/Eco-friendly.

Now, test aget.


Fix #3. Try to Force Reboot your iPhone

To refounding iPhone 6S Plus and previously models – Press the Sleep+ Home button at the time until power off your tool.

For iPhone 7/ 7 Plus or later on users – Press the Power button + Volume down switch show up left edge on your iPhone.

Fix #4. Check for Software Update

SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.

Everything is okay. However before, the worry persists; still, you have the right to take backup your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes and also then restore the iPhone from your latest backup and try aobtain.

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