Hi, everyone, and also welcome to Delphi’s How-To Video Series. I’m Dave Hobbs, senior trainer right here at Delphi Product & Service Solutions. In this video, we’re going to display you how to disconnect fuel line fittings. We always put security first, so make certain that you are thounstable and you’re mindful. Don’t get in a hurry. Don’t forget to wear security glasses and also gloves. Have a fire extinguisher on hand, and also occupational in a well-ventilated area away from anypoint that could have actually a flame or a spark.Anytime you disattach a fuel line that is a compression or press quick-release form fitting, you desire to make certain that you depressurize the fuel device. So I pulled the fusage on this specific car, ran the engine until it ran out of gas. Now we’re going to have just the drippage, the drainage, which I’ve got a transmission jack with a drainpipe pan on peak to catch anything that’s going to hit the floor, so it doesn’t hit the floor and also make a mess. And I’ve gained some rags tied approximately my wrist so I don’t have any kind of gasoline go down my sleeves appropriate as much as my armpit.Now, what I desire to carry out is, and I’ve currently done this … I’m going to spray some penetrant along this area appropriate below to acquire right into that little bit fitting. Sometimes they can obtain a small bit dry and also a little little tough to turn. Now what’s going to safeguard that fitting and also sort of store it on as an additional safety is this bit clip right right here. So let’s take a screwdriver and pop that clip off.Let’s go ahead and put our magic, quick release tool in. That’s going to go inside, and there’s a entirety selection of these I have in my tool box that are going to depress the bit latching tabs that are on the fuel line, so that’s going to go best in there. And as I type of wiggle it, and also you’ll feel it snap at some suggest, and that’s going to be your cue that you have actually depressed it. I might have to acquire around to the other side currently and push through one hand and twist with the various other. There we go, and also I obtained it.So that’s popped out, and you would execute your job-related. Let’s say you’re under the hood. You have actually the exact same type of fitting under the hood at the rail. This is a returnless system, so I have actually one line through that exact same kind of fitting under the hood, same kind of tool, and also you’d catch your gasoline. Then you’d do your work, replace your rail, your injectors earlier right here. If you’re going to relocation the fuel pump, you will examine the O ring inside. So visually check. Let me acquire my pocket flashlight. A bit even more gas as we visually check. Here we go. Draining the entirety fuel line, more than likely best as much as the fuel inline fuel filter over here on the best side of the structure rail.I look in tbelow, and I see a good-looking O ring. It’s in area, and also so currently we perform my job-related. Let’s say I readjusted out the pump, then you would certainly just reverse the procedure. Pop that ago in nice and also gently so you don’t tear that O ring till you hear it click, and also it won’t desire to come back out if you have actually snapped it in properly. There we go. You heard that huge click. That’s the stopping suggest, and also then you put your second retainer clip on the way you uncovered it. Would be this method, and also the little finish goes on the fuel line itself. There we go. Double check it. Now pressurize the auto earlier up, so put the fusage back in the fuse panel for fuel pump, rotate the crucial on, let it prime, maybe start the engine, inspect it out from underneath right here via a bright flashlight. No leaks … You’re good to go.Thanks for watching, and be certain to check out even more of Delphi’s How-To Video Series so that you can have actually more tips on saving money and conserving time in your shop eincredibly day.

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