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I had ever before noticed this rubber material on the inside of the situation. It s supposed to grab your phone type of cushion blows and stuff favor that sorry for the added bumpy footage. I m shooting it on my ipad right now so i ran right into the issue when i gained the phone in it slid in perfectly fine. The second that i decided i necessary to take my instance off in order to run my fisheye lenses.

I ran right into the concern of not being able to acquire my phone out so what i did to acquire it out i don t understand if a lot of you been having actually this worry. I review some reviews and also civilization had actually sassist they had actually this concern and i hit up mafi directly. And they pretty much just told. Me to usage my thumbs against the crack right right here.

The situation and also trying pretty much wedge it downward and also against the instance. But that didn t really do anything i ended up having a type of jimmy it however i didn t want to damage the phone and also or the situation. So i work-related at a scooter shop and also this is a instance from an ethic grip. It s about oh no maybe a millimeter.

Maybe two millimeters thick in the thickness of the plastic. I have actually a bench grinder so what i did was i reduced out little sections and i created bit wedges as soon as i made this wedge. I was able to actually get it in in between the case and also the phone..


It s as you have the right to view i deserve to present you it s pretty it s rigid. But at the same time you know it s it s firm sufficient to wbelow as soon as you put it in it s not going to break. But it s gonna bfinish. I intend it s it s ultimately going to bfinish to the suggest where you finish up stressing.

It choose i did via this yeah so anyway. I wedged it in between here on either ends. And you just sort of do this motion. Wbelow you push it in and also then when you acquire it in you just kind of push it this way try to acquire it in as deep as you deserve to and also you deserve to press.

It that way so sorry around that so yeah. So that s exactly how you wedge it up ultimately you ll begin getting the bigger crack best below in between the instance and also the phone it ll begin to earlier out slowly. Then it becomes an worry of simply being able to pretty much pull it out when it gets to the point. Wright here it s off of the thunderer port.

You ll be able to actually type of pry. The side of the situation ago and simply basically turn the phone out choose on some of the old mafi cases. So i ran into that worry currently exactly how to settle the issue. Um.

I have actually this this concern. I took these rubber linings out of the situation on the peak. You don t really should take it out and you simply leave it alone bereason that slides off no trouble..


But on the inside of this instance. Let me view if i can maybe obtain this. Sorry you re shooting. My arm ideal now so anymethod um.

So what i did initially was i figured maybe these continues to be that are all on the inside these green ones on the inside. I believed that those were what was holding it sufficient to wright here basically once you try to pull it out it s rubbing against that it s pretty a lot prefer just how it functions on a gripper on a sole of a shoe. Wbelow you know as soon as you obtain the grip on tbelow it simply wants to bite the ground and also not move. So.

I made a decision that i would certainly take a brand new sharp razor blade. You can usage an exacto knife. As well obviously and also pretty much i just went across the surface extremely lightly and it took off an extremely very tiny layer of that rubber. So i figured that would be problem solved well i put the foam earlier right into the situation and also just to test.

It it went in no problem and then i checked out pull it out and i ran into that concern aobtain so i was sitting tright here thinking to myself. I have the right to t bereason of the tight radius in tbelow you can t just shave down a little little bit. I intend you can if you have like a dremel and also you know you re pretty a lot mechanically inclined to do so. But i chose these rubber stays are only possibly at the majority of fifty percent a millimeter thick.

So that s favor pretty a lot nopoint. And the situation is really snug. So i decided i would certainly take the razor blade..


Once aget. What i did was i rotate it onto its side hopecompletely i can gain the angle. I m shooting this through both my hands. So i gained it at this angle.

And i took the razor blade and put it as cshed to this edge on the external edge of the case as i might i pushed down with the rubber and then i d pry it up and you desire to carry out that all the way across till the bend bereason once you get to the bend obviously you have the right to t really clean it clean cut it so when you did that i did this right into the middle after i did all the method throughout and it pulled up the rubber. I got the rubber and pulled it up and then turned roughly and also pulled it this means and you might have the ability to tell on some of these that it came off pretty dang well and tright here was this little shim ideal below. Where my thumb s rubbin that was the external side of the instance. So basically that s why i say you want to pull it up go up in the direction of the top of the situation and also then pull earlier down because this the bigger piece will already be sort of taken off from there it s just pulling this earlier.

And it ll take the small sleeve off that means you don t have to clean. It up aacquire and also then wright here it bends approximately the situation ideal wbelow my thumb s at sorry. If it s up focus right wright here my thumb s at it simply pulls best up no problem. You desire to do that on both sides of the case and also currently as soon as i slide the phone in it s still really snug.

But at the exact same time if i must take it off this is going to be a tough part. I don t have actually two hands. Oh. I need to get it taken off it s not a difficulty well i ll attempt to shoot it this method all ideal let me flip it over for you men you simply grab.

It from the sides choose you usually would it comes ideal off just prefer that it s really straightforward hopecompletely. Mafia will deal with this problem because as i shelp. Before tright here are rather a couple of human being that have ran into this worry and it s pretty annoying..


I was sitting here last night at the shop for probably a good hour trying to figure out means to have the ability to acquire the instance off without damaging anything because they re brand also brand-new and i don t want to you understand scratch it up best off the bat appropriate after i obtain it so yeah. I simply kind of tinkered. I intend i could pretty a lot troubleshoot anypoint so i simply type of use some widespread feeling. And you know a small bit of understand just how and just kind of figured this little point out now getting acquiring the shims.

Done is more than likely going to be the hardest component because you re going to need to make multiple in order to actually acquire the foam backed out bereason they like i said before they will certainly bend and also yeah. So yeah. It s the aftermath um yeah. All the adhesives backing off and every little thing so however anymeans hopecompletely.

Muffy fixes this difficulty. And if you have this concern. I hope this video is advantageous for you um. Yeah.

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I think that s pretty a lot it. ” ..


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