If you aren’t acquainted through captive bead rings, then my septum hoops and cartilage earrings may be frustrating to work with at initially. I promise it gets easier the even more you practice! Please note, some of these recommendations only apply to the jewelry that I make.

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A captive ring hregarding be adjusted so that it fits tight enough to organize the bead in with stress. It’s extremely crucial that you don’t use devices to open or cshed a captive ring that you purchase from me if it’s 18 gauge, 16 gauge, or 14 gauge. I make my hoops out of niobium, which is a softer metal and straightforward to accidentally dedevelop if you aren’t using your hands.

When you first get your hoop make certain that you don’t pull the bead out forcecompletely as this have the right to damage the coil. Instead, hold the hoop and also pull the bead to one side in a horizontal movement. This activity will make the opening larger and one side of the bead will pop out so that you have the right to rerelocate it. You deserve to put the bead back into the hoop utilizing the same activity in reverse.

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How does a captive bead ring work?

A captive ring is meant to host the bead in the gap with stress. A conventional captive bead ring (CBR) uses a little sphere that has actually dimples on either side. I uncover these difficult to job-related through, which is why I made a decision to use a coil for the backside of my jewelry.

The way that you develop the stress and anxiety on the bead is by adjusting the opening of the hoop so that it’s smaller sized than the bead itself. You apply this to my jewelry style by making the opening of your hoop a smaller sized width than the size of the coil.

How execute I gain my captive bead ring open?

When you first obtain your captive ring from me I’ve currently readjusted it so that it holds the bead tightly. You will certainly have to pull the bead making use of a horizontal movement, which will certainly allow one dimension of the bead to pop out bereason you"re utilizing the bead to push one end of the hoop amethod from the various other finish.

You are not pulling the bead out of the opening vertically or forcetotally, it’s just being pushed/pulled horizontally as if it is strung on a string that hangs between the 2 ends of the hoop. The horizontal pulling activity will certainly make the bead slightly widen the gap in the hoop, which will release the anxiety on the bead. You have the right to then lift it completely out of the hoop.


How execute I put the captive bead back in the ring?

To put the bead back in the hoop line up one end of the hoop via one side of the coil and repeat the same activity you supplied to rerelocate it in reverse so that you can pop the bead back right into place. If the hoop is changed effectively the bead will certainly sit firmly in location and also a gentle tug will not dislodge it. It will be able to turn easily in place, this isn’t a defect.

One point that you will want to inspect is the alignment of the ends of the hoop. They have to be aligned with each various other. If they aren’t, and one side of the hoop sticks out better than the various other side, then your bead will certainly not seat in appropriately. The image below shows how the ends are intended to line up together - if tright here wasn"t a gap, the hoop would certainly develop one constant circle.

The ends need to line up like this to appropriately organize the bead:


Ends that don"t line up won"t save your bead in location well:


My bead is falling forward! Is it broken?

If the bead is flipping forward on your hoop there’s nothing wrong through your jewelry. All you need to carry out is take the hoop out and also readjust the opening so that it’s smaller sized than the size of the coil. A bead that drops forward like the one pictured listed below simply indicates that there isn’t enough tension in the hoop to securely host it in location.


My captive bead ring dropped out. What happened?

If your bead dropped out of the hoop, then it’s a lot of most likely an concern of stress. The ring can’t hold the bead securely if the opening is little enough. For smaller sized gauges, like 18 gauge, you may must squeeze the opening closed even more than you think you perform to produce the amount of stress and anxiety vital.

Notice just how the gap in the hoop pictured is smaller than the size of the coil:


Another factor why the bead might fall out is if you sleep in your jewelry and it snagged on your bedding or clothes. I don’t recommend maintaining the bead in the hoop while you sleep (or shower) bereason it’s the most most likely time that you will shed the jewelry.

Aid, I can’t get the bead right into the hoop! What execute I do?

If you’re having a difficult time acquiring the bead into your ring, then you are probably managing one of these two problems. First, make sure your hands are clean. If you’re trying to insert the bead with any type of kind of oil on your fingers (prefer what you would use to lubricate the hoop to insert it), then you will have actually an extremely hard time working with the bead. I personally think wearing nitrile gloves via textured fingertips renders working with captive beads a lot much easier bereason they provide you better grip.

Once you’ve ruled that out, check the opening of the hoop. While it does must be smaller than the length of the coil to host the bead you can change it as well small. If the opening is adjusted also small you will certainly have a tough time inserting the bead ago in place. You might additionally have actually obstacle working with the jewelry if you purchased a hoop that is too small for your piercing (smaller inner diameters are constantly harder to close).

How carry out I make the architecture remain centered in my captive bead ring?

If you’re having actually a difficulty via the design falling to one side attempt making use of some o-rings on the hoop. Place an o-ring on either side of your piercing. I would also highly recommend doing this if you setup on resting via your jewelry in so that you don"t shed the hoop if the bead gets snagged on bedding. When you purchase o-rings, you need to buy one gauge smaller than the gauge that you wear so that it has actually a tight host. 

Tright here are two forms of o-rings obtainable for body jewelry. The first is made out of silicone, which is a stretchier product and leastern most likely to irritate sensitive skin. The downside to silicone o-rings is that bereason they are stretchier they fit even more loosely on the jewelry. To combat this I just double up on them (so for this application you would put two o-ring on either side of your piercing for a total of four).

The other type is made out of nitrile, which creates a tighter host on the jewelry because it isn’t as stretchy.

Why is my silver bead turning babsence and also exactly how perform I solve it?

All silver will certainly inevitably tarnish, consisting of the tarnish-resistant silver that I make my captive beads out of. It generally progresses from a slightly yellow color, then to a brvery own shade, to ultimately a dull dark grey/babsence shade. It’s vital to note that tarnish in terms of silver is not the same as rust (your silver doesn’t rust). This have the right to happen faster if you wear your jewelry while you shower, or if you live in an extremely humid environment.

Tarnish on silver is a result of silver sulfide, which is what creates that dull, dark appearance. Moisture alone does not cause the silver to tarnish, but, humidity does have actually an effect on atmospheric sulhair which is the cause of tarnished silver.

If your bead has started to tarnish you deserve to quickly regain it back to the means it looked once it was new. Use a silver polishing pad (or cloth) to regain the shine, and constantly keep your beads in a bag with an anti-tarnish tab once they aren"t being worn. 

You deserve to likewise use 1500 grit sandpaper on the front side of the bead to gain back the bruburned finish if needed after sprucing up. This will certainly additionally resolve any scuff marks that occur after dropping the bead on a difficult surface. Make sure you are just utilizing the sandpaper in a horizontal movement across the front side of the bead architecture, never before usage sandpaper on your hoop.

How execute I adjust the width of the hoop opening?

To change the tension on the bead you will certainly need to make the hoop opening wider or narrower. It have to always be slightly smaller than the size of the coil on the earlier of your style. To change it to create more stress and anxiety on the bead gently squeeze both sides of the hoop until the opening is smaller sized.

If you"re having actually an overwhelming time inserting the bead into the hoop attempt lessening the anxiety by gently pulling the ends of the hoop even more apart. Make certain the gap is still smaller sized than the coil otherwise the bead will certainly just autumn forward once you insert it right into your piercing. When the stress is changed properly you will certainly have the ability to gently tug on the bead and also it won"t pull out of the hoop (it will still turn in location if you manually press it).

Squeeze the ends of the hoop closer to develop even more stress. Never before perform this while the hoop is in your piercing.


Caretotally pull the ends additionally amethod from one another if necessary. Make sure the gap is still smaller sized than the coil.


I"m still having actually trouble obtaining the bead in. Help!

If you"ve already adhered to every one of the over tips and also you"re still having a challenging time inserting the bead, then it"s feasible that you"re trying to wear a hoop that"s also tiny for your piercing. Make certain you have taken the time to measure your actual piercing utilizing one of my size guides.

Some piercing areas will need to have extra size included to the hoop to accommodate the space that the style will certainly take up (septum and daith). I always list just how a lot of the inner diameter the bead style will certainly take up in the product summary hence. You have the right to find my measuring guides here:

Video Example - Using Captive Bead Rings

This video shows just how to effectively remove the bead, and also exactly how to readjust the gap in the hoop so that it holds the bead secucount.

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What have the right to I perform if the gap in the hoop is also little for my piercing?

If you absolutely can not fit a captive ring on your piercing with the width of the gap as is, then you have the right to usage it similarly to a seamless ring (a hoop that is totally round via no gap). First, readjust the opening of the hoop to fit the bead snugly as demonstrated over on this page. Next off, twist the hoop open up favor you would a seammuch less hoop (an example of doing this is displayed here) and insert it right into your piercing. After it"s in, you have the right to twist it closed aobtain. Using a twisting activity choose this will retain the width of the gap, and also as lengthy as you line up the ends of the hoop appropriately aget the bead will fit snugly as intended. Do not attempt this technique if the hoop is not malleable sufficient for you to manipulate via your fingers safely. Instead, have your piercer assist you install the jewelry.