Rewarmth Chicken Wings. This is the best method to rewarm wings at home in your air fryer. These chicken wings are crispy, perfectly reheated, and right for as soon as you have actually leftover KFC hot wings and desire to put them to good use.

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Rewarmth Chicken Wings In Air Fryer

Before we dive into this overview for reheating chicken wings in the air fryer, I have actually something also much better for you to examine out initially.

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Rewarmth Chicken Wings In Air FryerIngredients

Rewarmth Chicken Wings

Dominic and also I are not substantial eaters. Well unless you have actually a big bar of cocoa of course, yet in its entirety, we don’t eat massive percentage sizes. Our frugal perspective loved it in the US once we visited, as we could share a meal between the 2 of us and also it conserved us a tonne of money.

We’re the ones in the pizza restaurant that asks for a pizza box, so that we deserve to take the rest of it residence through us. Or when we go for a KFC you have the right to guarantee we will certainly not fairly complete it all.

The KFC bucket is a great instance. You get so much stuff that there is no means that 2 people can eat that. Well unmuch less you’re Joey from Friends!

From our last trip to KFC on my birthday we finished up with 10 spare KFC hot wings.

We portioned them up into two bags of 5 warm wings and inserted them intosmall zip loc bagsand saved them for later in our freezer.

Today became that “later” when we had a craving for some warm wings and made a decision to display you just how to rewarmth chicken wings in the air fryer.


If you want to rewarm chicken wings, the best way to rewarmth chicken wings is in the air fryer and also you have the right to perform it prefer this:

Load chicken wings leftovers right into the air fryer basket.Spray the skin through added virgin olive oil.Air fry + enjoy!

How Long Do You Rewarmth Chicken In Air Fryer?

The rewarmth chicken time in the air fryer have the right to vary depending upon what form of the chicken you are reheating. I love the truth that chicken wings are a lot smaller sized and also therefore have a a lot quicker prepare time.

In truth, these KFC warm wings that we reheated in the air fryer took JUST 8 minutes. Perfect for my daughter Sofia that is the biggest chicken wings addict that I have ever met.

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Reheat Wings In Ninja Foodi?

You can additionally rewarmth wings in the Ninja Foodi. To perform this, execute the exact same as what we have done this day via an air fryer basket, yet include on an added 2 minutes of cook time.

Rewarm In Air Fryer

As well as our reheat chicken wings in the air fryer we have a full series of recipes showing you exactly how to reheat in the air fryer. You have the right to follow the rest of the series below: