This is how I refresh my old wash and also go’s! After a couple of days my curls deserve to end up being incredibly dry and undefined yet I don’t constantly have actually the moment to wash my hair or restyle it by twisting or braiding. As a solution I refresh my current wash and also go to make it last until my next washday. Here is my approach of refreshing my dry curls.

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Step 1:

This step is the a lot of important component of the routine: including water! When doing this you don’t desire as well usage too a lot and not too bit. To control the amount conveniently, I choose to usage a spray bottle. Using too much water will weigh the hair down and also take your hair much longer to dry (we want a quick deal with here) and utilizing also bit won’t allow the conditioner to soak right into the hair for extra moisture.

I start by sectioning my hair in four parts and working one section at a time so I don’t miss out on any curls. When spraying via water, you must be able to feel the assets supplied on your last washday begin to seep out. That is when I know I have provided sufficient water.


Tip 2:

When refreshing my hair I just ever choose to usage a leave-in conditioner — not an extra gel or cream as I perform not desire to get heavy product buildup or stiffness. You will certainly currently have actually conditioner and styling assets in your hair so you only want to reactivate them with a little aid.

To assist revamp the curls I use a light leave-in prefer the CURLS Coconut Curlada Conditioner, which is a rinse out conditioner but is good as a light leave-in because of its remarkable slip. I additionally favor to use the SheaMoisture Jamaideserve to Babsence Castor Oil leave-In for the same factors.

I use a dime-sized amount of conditioner to each area and finger comb it through.


Tip 3:

Once detangled, I then add an additional dime-sized amount and work right into the ends of my hair for additional moisture as these are the earliest parts of the hair and tend to feel the driest.

Tip 4:

When all sections have been conditioned, I leave my hair to air dry, which shouldn’t take long while gaining dressed and doing makeup or work roughly the residence. Once my hair is dry, it bounces earlier with much more volume and meaning.


Tip 5:

To seal in the moisture I simply added to the hair I like to usage almond oil, which is excellent for conditioning the hair because of its high vitamin E content. When massaged right into the hair, it additionally naturally renders curly hair look lustrous and shiny.

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I use some oil to my palms and also rub it through my hair when over as you don’t desire to drown your hair in product (we"re trying to stop as a lot buildup as possible). This step is important bereason it seals in every one of the moisture just added to the hair.



You are left through identified, bouncy, and also shiny hair that will certainly last you a few even more days until your following washday!