Cities: Skylines is a city-building in which you"re tasked through building the best, most effective city feasible. Much of the late game is defined by website traffic and also road management, so being able to elevate roads is a vital capability you"ll should know

To elevate a road in Cities: Skylines you"ll first need to enter road building mode and also choose a road type. With a road selected for placement, elevation is elevated or lowered by pressing Page Up or Page Dvery own, respectively.

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If you raise or lower elevation prior to you begin placing a road the whole road segment will be of your favored height. But if you raise or lower after you"ve began placing then the road will develop an incline from the original elevation to to new elevation you"ve favored.


On consoles the procedure is similar: enter the roadways structure mode and pick a road to begin building. To change elevation press Up or Dvery own on the directional pad.

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On the PC variation of the game you have the right to likewise adjust the dimension of each elevation adjust by picking the Elevation Step button, which will certainly cycle via the various elevation procedures available.


Mastery of road elevation have the right to make all the difference when regulating the website traffic about your city, since elevated roads can go over or under various other structures and also road devices. So take some time to play about with road elevation!

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