I desire to extract some perfume from my bottle to carry in tiny spray bottle so I deserve to reapply the perfume midday.

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But a lot of of my store-bought bottles don't seem to have a removable cap.

How do I go around rerelocating them, or extracting the perfume in some various other technique?

Is the small portable spray bottle even an excellent concept, or is tbelow some various other solution?


So, you have actually three forms of atomizers: the type where you remove the spray head of your FB and also push it right into the bottom of the atomizer, the kind wbelow you unscrew the optimal of your FB and usage a pipette to extract juice and also put it right into the atomizer, and also the sort where you spray the FB right into a funnel right into the atomizer (or simply host the atomizer over the spray opening on the FB, which is just how they make samples at many fragrance stores). I prefer the first sort, it is the least wasteful, however the various other 2 occupational in a pinch.

Or, if you wear something even more mainstream, you have the right to simply buy a take a trip sized version of your fragrance.

If you push the spray exceptionally slowly and also very closely, you have the right to acquire it to stream the fluid out without hitting the atomizer. This minimizes the loss of the fluids by atomizing it and makes it much much easier to gain it into the container.

Similarly, many liquid deserve to be shed in the atomization of fluids as I deserve to blow through most paint whether using spray paints or paint firearms.

Hey tright here, as basic as it seems i simply line up the opening of my tiny sprayer through the actual sprayer of my fragrance and also start to spray (1cm distance or whatever your flacon allows). It sounds choose you would miss out on many of it but as soon as you attempt it you will certainly find it's extremely basic and also clean.

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Edit: if that doesn't work-related for you, you can also use/purchase a little funnel

So if I understand also effectively, favor this?:


(Red is massive bottle, purple is tiny portable bottle)

Doesn't that take a really lengthy time to carry any usable amount of liquid?


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