Making Changes to Printer SettingsMaking the Media Type settingUsing the Automatic modeUsing the PhotoEnhance modeUsing the Custom modeUsing the Modern settingsThe printer driver features the following menus and settings.Main:Media Type, Ink, ModePaper:Paper Size, Copies, Orientation, Printable AreaLayout:Reduce/Enbig, Multi-Page, WatermarkThe Mode settings on the Key menu are arranged to offer you four levels of manage over the printer driver, as defined below.AutomaticThis mode provides the quickest and most basic means to begin printing. See Using the Automatic mode.PhotoEnhanceThis mode lets you pick from a variety of image-correction settings specially designed for photos. See Using the PhotoEnhance mode.CustomThis mode allows you choose from a list of ready-made or personalized settings suited to the sort of record you want to print. When Custom is schosen, the State-of-the-art button is allowed, allowing you to accessibility the Cutting edge dialog box. See Using the Custom mode.AdvancedThis switch opens up the State-of-the-art dialog box, where you can make in-depth settings to fit your individual demands. From the Modern dialog box, you can include your personalized settings to the Custom Setups list. See Using the Modern settings.In addition to making detailed Setting settings that impact all at once print top quality, you have the right to likewise modify individual facets of your printout utilizing the Paper and Layout menus. See Modifying the printout style.Making the Media Type settingThe Media Type setting determines what various other settings are available, so you have to constantly make this establishing initially.On the Key menu, select the Media Type setting that matches the media which is loaded in the printer. To discover out what Media Type you are making use of, uncover your media in the list listed below, and also describe the equivalent Media Type under which it is grouped (shown in bold). For some media, tright here are a number of Media Type settings to pick from.Level PaperLevel paperEnvelopesEPSON Premium Ink Jet Level Paper (A4)S041214360 dpi Ink Jet PaperEPSON 360 dpi Ink Jet Paper (A4)S041059S041025EPSON 360 dpi Ink Jet Paper (Letter)S041060S041028EPSON Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper (A4)S041154EPSON Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper (Letter)S041153S041155Photo Quality Ink Jet PaperEPSON Picture Quality Ink Jet Paper (A4)S041061S041026EPSON Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper (Letter)S041062S041029EPSON Photograph Quality Ink Jet Paper (Legal)S041067S041048EPSON Photograph Quality Ink Jet Cards (A6)S041054EPSON Photograph Quality Ink Jet Cards (5 x 8")S041121EPSON Photograph Quality Ink Jet Cards (8 x 10")S041122EPSON Picture Quality Self Adhesive Sheets (A4)S041106EPSON Ink Jet Keep in mind Cards A6 (through envelopes)S041147EPSON Ink Jet Greeting Cards 5 x 8" (through envelopes)S041148EPSON Ink Jet Greeting Cards 8 x 10" (through envelopes)S041149Matte Paper-HeavyweightEPSON Matte Paper-Heavyweight (A4)S041256S041258S041259EPSON Matte Paper-Heavyweight (Letter)S041257Photograph PaperEPSON Photo Paper (A4)S041140EPSON Photograph Paper (Letter)S041141EPSON Photograph Paper (4x6")S041134EPSON Picture Paper (100x150 mm)S041255EPSON Photo Paper (200x300 mm)S041254EPSON Panoramic Photograph Paper (210x594mm)S041145EPSON Photograph Paper Cards (A4)S041177Photo Quality Glossy FilmEPSON Picture Quality Glossy Film (A4)S041071EPSON Picture Quality Glossy Film (Letter)S041072EPSON Picture Quality Glossy Film (A6)S041107EPSON Photograph Stickers 16 (A6)S041144EPSON Picture Stickers 4 (A6)S041176Ink Jet TransparenciesEPSON Ink Jet Transparencies (A4)S041063EPSON Ink Jet Transparencies (Letter)S041064Note:The availcapability of unique media varies by place.

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Using the Automatic modeWhen Automatic is schosen as the Setting setting on the Main food selection, the printer driver takes treatment of all comprehensive settings based upon the existing Media Type and also Ink settings. To make the Ink establishing, click Color to print in color, or Black to print in black-and-white or grayrange. To make the Media Type setting, see Making the Media Type establishing.Note:Depfinishing on the media schosen in the Media Type list (while Automatic is selected), a slider appears under the Custom radio button that allows you select from Quality or Speed settings. Select Quality as soon as print top quality is even more crucial than speed.Many Windows applications feature paper size and also page layout settings that override equivalent settings on the printer driver. However, if your application does not have these settings, verify the settings on the printer driver"s Paper food selection.Using the PhotoEnhance modeThe PhotoEnhance mode gives a variety of image-correction settings that you deserve to apply to your photo images before printing. PhotoEnhance does not influence your original data.Note:This mode is just available as soon as printing 16-, 24-, or 32-little bit shade information.Printing through PhotoEnhance selected may boost the moment compelled for printing, depending upon your computer system system and also the amount of information consisted of in your image.You deserve to select from the complying with settings.StandardThis setting offers standard photo correction for a lot of photos. Try this first.PeopleThis establishing is finest for photos of people.NatureThis setting is best for outdoor scenery such as hills, sky, and oceans.Soft FocusThis setting provides your photos look as if they were taken via a soft-focus lens.SepiaThis establishing uses a sepia tone to your photos.Selecting PhotoEnhance additionally allows the Digital Camera Correction examine box. Select this examine box when you are printing photos taken through a digital cam to give your published imperiods the smooth, herbal appearance of photographs taken via a film cam.Using the Custom modeThe Custom mode provides ready-made settings designed for printing text and also graphs and also for applying a color-corresponding strategy. You deserve to also develop and conserve your very own tradition settings. See Using the Modern settings for details.You deserve to select from the adhering to ready-made settings.ICM(For Windows 98, 95 and also 2000)This setting immediately adjusts printout colors to match colors on your screen. ICM means Image Color Matching.sRGBThis establishing is best for shade corresponding through various other sRGB gadgets.Follow the procedures listed below to choose a Custom establishing. Select Custom as the Mode establishing on the Key menu. Click anywhere in the list box to open up it, then pick the most correct establishing for the kind of document or image you wish to print. When you select a Custom setting, various other settings such as Print Quality and also Color Adjustment are made immediately. Changes to these settings are reflected in the display on the left side of the Key food selection. Before printing, be certain to verify the Media Type and Ink settings, as they might be impacted by the Custom establishing you select. See Making the Media Type establishing.

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Using the Cutting edge settingsThe settings in the State-of-the-art dialog box provide you complete manage over your printing environment. Use these settings to experiment through brand-new printing ideas, or to fine-tune a selection of print settings to meet your individual demands. Once you are satisfied via your brand-new settings, you have the right to provide them a name and also add them to the Custom Settings list on the Key food selection.Making the Cutting edge settingsFollow the instructions in this section to make the Cutting edge settings.Note:The printer driver screens that appear in this procedure are for Windows95 and also 98. The Windows 2000 and also NT4.0 printer driver screens differ just slightly. Select Custom as the Mode setting on the Main menu and also then click Modern. The complying with dialog box appears. Select the Media Type you loaded in the printer. For details, watch Making the Media Type setting. Choose Color or Black as the Ink establishing. Specify a Print Quality setting. Make various other settings as crucial. For details, check out virtual assist.Note:The PhotoEnhance choice under Color Management just affects imeras, not text or graphs. For instance, if Monochrome is schosen from the Tone list (enabled when PhotoEnhance is selected), just the images in a file will be published in monochrome. Any colored text or graphs in the very same record will be published in color.Some settings may be unobtainable depending on the Media Type, Ink, and also Print Quality settings you make. Click OK to apply your settings and return to the Main food selection. If you desire to return to the Main food selection without applying your settings, click Cancel. To conserve your Modern settings, see the next section.Saving and also deleting your settingsTo conserve your State-of-the-art settings in the Custom Settings list, click Save Setups in the State-of-the-art dialog box. The Custom Setups dialog box appears.Type a unique name for your settings in the Name box, then click Save. Your Cutting edge settings will be added to the Custom Setups list.Note:You cannot apply the names of settings gave by EPSON to your custom settings.You cannot delete the ready-made settings from the Custom Settings list.To delete a setup from the Custom Setups list, pick the setting name in the Custom Setups dialog box and click Delete.Using your conserved settingsTo pick your settings, click the Custom switch on the Key food selection, then choose your setting in the Custom Setups list, located to the appropriate of the Custom button.If you readjust the Media Type or Ink settings as soon as one of your customized settings is selected in the Custom Setups list, the selection presented in the list retransforms to Custom Settings. The customized setting that was previously schosen is not influenced by the adjust. To return to your customized establishing, simply reselect it in the list.