I was able to execute this in the past yet forgained just how I did it. Starting through a 2D matrix I had the ability to plot it with the first column as the X axis and also generate individual sub pmany the remanining columns. Each column was its own plot via the first column as the X axis. A loop might do this but I seem to remember it was a straightforward command that put multiple plots in one number home window. Do I have to plot this as3D surface and also then extract slices from the figure?

Hi, This is specifically the situation that I have and also if i wasnt such a novice to Matlab I probably would have actually figured it out but I cant seem to. I as well have the first column in excel which I want to use as my X axis and the following few as my Y axis. I desire to be able to plot individual sub plots (various plots as jpeg or any kind of various other format) through my 1st column as my X axis every time yet I desire the Y axis to change as the staying cols. I would prefer this to be a loop. yet i dont understand just how to start by analysis my xls or asci format file and also then including the loop.

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This is equivalent to what I require. The command had the ability to make the multiple plots without having actually to manually repursuit each coloumn or use a loop.
I am not mindful a built-in function to carry out that. Is it feasible that you were using a customized feature developed upon subplot()? Such as:
It is not clear if you really require subplots, and also the other answers are blended on this too... If the plots are to be on the very same axes, then this is extremely straightforward, as plot already plots column-wise:
Thanks Stephen, I am really struggling with the basics. My first column is the wavesize and also then following two columns are the duplicate absorbance readings pertained to that wavelength for one certain depth in the water column. I wasnt to plot these two on one single graph to inspect how my information looks prior to i do anypoint else. Then i want to go to following 2 columns (duplicate absorbance readings for next depth in water column) snd plot these on ANOTHER GRAPH to watch just how they look. But i dont recognize exactly how to write the loop. These loops constantly seem to difficulty me.
Hello, Thanks for the basic solution however have the right to you please inform me how have the right to I put legends in this. And what if we have actually even more Y columns.
Hi all, I have actually a question about the surconfront plotting. I have actually a matrix, wbelow the initially row is my x direction and the first column is my y direction. The values in between are the velocities of each point. Based on this matrix I want to create a 3D plot, wright here one axis is my x-direction, the second axis is my y-direction and the 3rd axis is the velocity alters. Does anybody have actually an idea just how should I perform this?

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