Stealth combat awaits in the jungles of Vietnam... if you have the right to figure out exactly how to actually start this Far Cry 5 DLC first!

Whether you"re still reeling from the wondercompletely bleak and disturbing finishing toFar Cry 5or still making your way to its climax, it"s time to jump into a various kind of fray through the game"s first official DLC: "Hours of Darkness." The add-on shifts amethod from the backwoods of Hope County, Montana to the jungles of yesteryear Vietnam.

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Getting there have the right to be a little bit of a difficulty, though, as the DLC does not seem to auto-downfill as it have to, and also the option to start the "Hours Of Darkness" project is hidden in a hidden food selection.

Can"t figure out how to begin this initially Far Cry 5 DLC? We"ve acquired you covered with a quick explanation of just how to get into its stealth jungle-killing activity appropriate away!

Welcome to the jungle, baby!

Accessing the DLC

If you have actually the Far Cry 5 seakid pass, "Hours Of Darkness" won"t automatically put itself into your consingle auto-updays as it should. Don"t pick the DLC enattempt manually in the Xbox Marketarea or PlayStation Store, as this will prompt you to buy it as a sepaprice purchase.

Instead, navigate to the seachild pass item in the store/marketplace, which you should currently very own. From tright here, scroll down to the items included via the pass and select "Hours Of Darkness," then pick the option to start the installation.

Once the downpack is finish, totally close Far Cry 5 if it was open (don"t just navigate ago to the Xbox One or PS4 dashboard), then restart the game. In the primary food selection, you should now have actually the Add On Packs option obtainable.

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Open that up and also you have the right to begin a brand-new game in the "Hours Of Darkness" DLC.

Wright here to discover the DLC in the menu

This is just the begin of the Far Cry 5 DLC explosion: next up we acquire to fight against zombies and Martians in two impfinishing expansions!

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