Adobe After Effects is not a conventional video editing software application, it is mainly a software program that is used to include results to a video that has actually been processed. However before, it can additionally be provided to incorporate clips making use of a certain technique which is described in the actions stated listed below. 

If you want to recognize exactly how to merge layers in After Effects. In the finish, we will certainly also let you know just how to merge videos in one more means. Continue reading!

Part 1: How to Combine Clips in After Effects

Merging layers in After Effects is so simple to understand if you follow the procedures listed below.

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Step 1: Import videos

Start the regimen and open the files in the project panel that you wish to integrate. Drag and drop each file from the task panel to the timeline panel offered at the bottom.


Tip 2: Sequence layers

Right click the video file at the bottom left corner. Select Keystructure Assistant > Sequence Layers. Then a pop-up home window will show up. Click OK.


Tip 3: Export

Then you will uncover the two video clips are seamlessly mergered together. Now save alters and also export.

Part 2: Best Free Alternatives of Adobe After Effects

After Effects bereason of its limitations as a video editing and enhancing regime is often not recommended for the project, but tbelow are many complimentary choices out tbelow that have the right to be provided rather for much better user endure and also boosted outcomes. The top 5 of which are listed below:

1. DebugSetting Wax

This open source routine is an reliable video effect software application alternative to After Effects which provides many interesting features such as compositing, 3D text impacts, adding movement impacts etc.


It have the right to be offered as a plug-in to make it more professionalYou deserve to merge/combine video in a few stepsYou have the right to usage partical generator to make even more effects
2. Blender

This is an open resource routine that runs freely on all operating systems including MaC, Windows and also Linux. It provides users the chance to perform 3D modeling and also video effects effectively.


Quickly CPU & GPU renderingIt supplies various sculpting devices and also brushesAuto and also manual VFX tracking
3. Natron

The interconfront and also ideas of this open up source regime were largely derived from a previous software referred to as “Nuke”. It is also a video impacts and also composite software program which offers many kind of new functions and effective devices for high speed and maximum high quality composite results.


It have the right to even develop 5D effectsIt is a functional software application to combine videosIt has actually an effective GUI software
4. AutoWorkdesk Maya

Maya is a advantageous software program that permits the customers to develop 3D models, animations and also helps compositors gain the job done easily. It has a really interenergetic user interchallenge too.


It offeres an included functionsIt additionally deserve to manage combining videos
5. Fusion

As the catchy name of the software says it provides thrilling options and features to its customers along with plenty of aesthetics in the user interchallenge. It is even described the “highest rate compositor of the current market”. It offers certain functions such as, 3D modeling, including effects, stereo sounds and so on.

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It supports VR and also 3D technologyGPU sped up performance is a plus

Now you should recognize just how to combine videos in Effects. After Effects as a expert video editor is effective, yet it is so hard to usage. However, if you desire to have a a lot less complicated editing experience, take into consideration slrfc.orgPro to incorporate videos, which have the right to incorporate clips in three incredibly straightforward actions as discussed listed below, making the job much even more time conserving and also basic without compromising the top quality of the results. You deserve to additionally make miscellaneous effects just from dragging and also dropping. Download it currently to have a shot (Free)!

Start the regime and also import the video papers that you want to incorporate.Drag and drop the video files to the timeline and simply add transitions if required, or you deserve to simply drag videos onto timeline if you don"t want to usage transitions.Click export > in-out location, pick miscellaneous formats you prefer. Then click begin exporting.