this could sound favor a strange question yet. I"m the form of girl that hangs out via males as a lot as girls. and also in my experience every time I"ve had a cshed guy frifinish (4 of them that were really close) they begin to prefer me. its really sweet however I simply really desire to be friends and also it always alters points after. its never before the same again when he"s told me. i understand I"m not leading them on bereason I"m cautious around that.. I never even flirt through them. becuase they"re my it somepoint I can"t do anypoint about? as in is it somepoint that happens to all male that are in cshed friendships via girls and can not be helped?

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likewise also after being "among the guys" I've still been liked. I don't know just how or why.. yet yeah.
ok perhaps the solution is discover a gay friend? I dunno.. I guess it can't be helped. I'll just try everyone's advice and let you recognize how it works out.

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I know this is kinda late to answer this yet here goes anymethod. It's all in your actions and also body language. Some girls feel they need to be "nice" to everyone consisting of any kind of male that talks through them or wants to hang out through them. That's where the trouble starts. You must not have the very same type of fun with your male friends as you carry out your girls. Watch what you say to these male friends so that it never before indicates that you favor them more than a friend. Like don't confide anypoint personal things in them. Don't be laughing at everything they say or perform as if they're the best ever. If you're not interested in any type of specific man then as SOON as gain a clue he's being a little overly nice to you sluggish dvery own via him. That consists of eye call, hanging out with him alone, talking via him alone, being as well interested in his affairs. You need to keep conscious that men are guys and also they obtain attracted to a girl that seems to be attracted to them or appears easily accessible and also they might also be obtainable to them. When among these males contact or message you don't answer quick and once you perform save it on a fully friend basis. Guys that uncover a girl attractive to them will certainly obviously look for an opening to gain closer to them and also start being nicer and even more friendly. So, yes the majority of men are favor that to a girl they'd consider. If you wouldn't take into consideration them, then you need to say NO or overlook their advancements or sweet talk and also NOT feel guilty. After all, you have actually a right to live your life guy complimentary if you select. Just don't tease them or tempt them or make it look to them that you uncover them really cool or hot and also that you're actually available. Make it look to them that you're not accessible by everpoint you perform or say various other than as a casual frifinish.