Keep reading our guide to find out where you deserve to acquire some Rope, including the recipe to make it.

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Finding Rope

One of the primary ways to uncover rope is at cannibal camps.

Be mindful of your bordering when visiting the camps as you may get struck while tbelow.

Tright here should be plenty of rope approximately the area.

Otherwise, you deserve to discover the Yacht in the ocean and also grab the rope off of it.

How To Make Rope

You might not desire to head to the cannibal"s base and that"s fine.

Although this will set you ago 7 Cloth and you"ll get 1 Rope.

You can integrate the Cloth by right-clicking all 7 in your backpack, then click the cogwheel to craft it.

You deserve to uncover fabric in suitcases and at cannibal camps.

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Unfortunately, you can not craft cloth so you"ll need to collect it.

Only use cloth if it"s a necessity!

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