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Crafting recipes for arrows

5x Regular Arrows

The most prevalent develop of an arrowhead. Best used for crafting other types of arrows.

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For crafting you need:

1x Stick5x Feathers

5x Bone Arrows

These arrows do 40% more damage than consistent arrows. They are even more expensive, however.

For crafting you need:

1x Stick5x Feathers5x Bones


5x Poichild Arrows

These arrows use a poison effect which reasons damage over time, slows the adversaries movement rate and likewise slows their assault speed.

For crafting you need:

5x Any Arrows4x Twin Berries or 4x Scurrently Berries or 1x Amanita Mushroom or 1x Jack Mushroom

5x Fire Arrows

These arrows must be lit first for the fire result to take place. These will collection enemies and also animals on fire, causing more damages.

For crafting you need:

5x Any Arrow1x Cloth1x Booze

Crafting recipes for projectiles


Molotovs need to be lit initially, explode on call and also collection everything in a small area on fire. They deal enough damage to kill weaker cannibals and also all animals with one hit,but stronger cannibals and mutants deserve to withstand also a number of molotovs. Their efficiency is weakened in the rain. Booze and cloth are found in suitsituations, about the beach and also at cannibal villperiods.

For crafting you need:

1x Cloth1x Booze



Bombs are throwable explosive gadgets. The coins are found near the aircraft and in suitinstances as well as inside the cannibal camps/caves, a lot of conveniently discovered on the beach (you can dig them up using a stick on the ground and throwable rocks). The circuit board is not rare and also discovered close to the plane and inside boxes at the beach (re-spawns after a brief duration of time) and additionally found in caves, villeras, and also campsites. Booze is uncovered in the plane and on the beach, suitsituations, caves, and also villeras.

For crafting you need:

1x Booze1x Circuit Board1x Coins1x Wrist Watch1x Electrical Tape

Head Bomb

Can be thrown and similar to the bomb (it have to be heavier as it does not travel as much once thrown); it is a one hit kill and deserve to kill multiple enemies if they are close.

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For crafting you need:

1x Bomb1x Head

Sticky Bomb

Like the name suggests, it sticks once it touches something after thrvery own. It can be used to reduced down a small amount of trees, yet is likewise even more beneficial in killing groups of adversaries.