I have such a love hate partnership via polo shirt and I understand I am not the just one.I truly just how to love exactly how causal yet classy it is, however as a well known dad shirt, I just wish the shirt have the right to look slightly even more feminine and also imaginative so I can style it with a greater array of outfit styles. If this is also your assumed, the great news is actually there are plenty of ways to bring out the womanly vibes of our polo! So ladies, right here are 7 tips once it pertains to making a polo shirt look even more feminine, enjoy!


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How to make a polo shirt look even more feminineSource: Twitter & Chicmony
If you are a polo women, it’s time for you to check out the polo shirt dress. I adore this type of one-piece dress so a lot as I think this is a mix of convenience, elegance, and sexiness together. This truly deserve to conserve me too much time as it takes me eras to decide which dress or jeans should I wear for the bottom. If the tight bodycon style of polo dress is not your thing, you have the right to always try the two-piece set. A-line skirt deserve to always better our body propercent and also accentuate our waist, which renders us look even more feminine.


Last but not least, get creative and also revolve your baggy polo right into a sexy boyfriend shirt! I’ve heard about this hack for a lengthy time however I just don’t think this will look great – till I witnessed these exceptional OOTD from Pinterest! This look mirrors our neckline and also this is another spot to display our femininity. I constantly wear a strapmuch less black bra-height underneath through a pair of distressed skinny jeans and loafers for the lazy weekend.


I don’t include the simple polo shirt below as I think you girls deserve to find it anymeans. But when it comes to the sexy style, the below two are my absolute FAV. I don’t have actually much expectation once I bought them as it’s really affordable, however transforms out it’s surprisingly flattering and also sexy! Love love love

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So women, below are the 7 means once it concerns make a polo look even more feminine! Let’s have a quick checklist first.Opt for a light color polo shirtWear fitted polo to highlight the curvesPay cshed attention to the fabricOpt for a polo shirt through a feminine designAccesso to your poloEmbrace fitted polo shirt dressWear a polo shirt as a boyfrifinish sexy styleWith these 7 tips, I hope you will wear your polo shirt more! After all, this is such a classic and also timemuch less wardrobe piece! To me, compared to the brief skirt and hot pants, this is way even more satisfying to look feminine in polo. Actually, there are also more tiny means to look feminine and elegant, if you are interested, check out the posts below! See you there ladies! xoHow to dress feminine…also in winter? Don’t read if you want to look boring!How to look even more feminine in the face? 6 clever tips you wish you knew!How to look attrenergetic after menopause? 10 tips to gain back your beauty!