Whether you desire it for survival and also rescue purposes or just desire to have some fun, this is just how to make a smoke bomb yourself.

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Tright here are a lot of coherent applications for a smoke bomb, and also for some factor it"s an extremely well-searched topic on internet search engines. If you"re not one to head out to the fireworks stand in at an early stage July or around the holidays for cheap commercial smoke bombs, then you"ve gained to devise a means to do it yourself and continue to be safe (of course).

That"s why we figured it would certainly be worthwhile to serve up some instructions for making a smoke bomb that takes a tiny amount of provides and incredibly bit set up.

A Ping Pong Ball Smoke Bomb?

Believe it or not, ping pong balls make fantastic smoke bombs. The plastic burns hot and quick, but creates a pretty thick smoke that have the right to be visible from quite a distance, specifically from the air. You won"t gain a colored smoke bomb out of it (it just creates basic white smoke), however the result is still there.

You"re clearly going to want to perform this external, on account of the health and wellness considerations via burning plastic and the toxic smoke it releases, and also avoid inhaling the smoke straight.

Supply List

Thanktotally, you deserve to protect against any kind of trips to supply stores, bereason you"ve almost definitely gained the 5 things necessary in a junk drawer or cabinet.

one ping pong ballone pen or pencilknifetinfoillighter (or any resource of secure flame)

That"s it! No have to reserve a chemistry lab or look for out reputable sources of potassium nitrate. Nope, it"s simply a great old fashioned item of burning plastic!



It starts ssuggest enough: Use the knife to reduced a little "X" in the ping pong ball, creating a hole big enough for the pen or pencil to fit right into. Stick the pen into the hole.

Then take the aluminum foil and also through the pen standing straight up, wrap it about the bottom of the ping pong ball. Bring the ends together onto the pen, and also squeeze the tinfoil tight around the round, then the pen, leaving an opening at the peak.

Next, pull the pen out. You"re currently prepared to light your homemade smoke bomb.

Make certain you place the smoke bomb in a safe place that can withstand also some warm.

Light the foil from the outside in the direction of the bottom of the foil. Once it starts cigarette smoking, step amethod and also admire your handiwork!


Granted, there are better methods to signal ditension and let civilization know wbelow you are than a homemade smoke bomb. But if you"re working within a strict budobtain, like to dabble in DIY projects, or just desire at leastern one failsafe method to produce some smoke, this ping pong ball smoke bomb is appropriate.

Carrying a few ping pong balls and some foil in your backnation pack or bug out bag isn"t going to take up much room or add a lot weight. There aren"t any kind of small pieces to lost track of, and also it"s not prefer you"re executing a high institution science experiment.

It"s also worth noting that this isn"t the kind of smoke bomb that creates huge, billowing clouds visible from excessive distances. Odds are you will not be able to execute any Native American-style smoke signals.

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This is clearly a basic and also easy homemade smoke bomb, yet there"s still an excellent amount of common sense that"s required to do it right. Have at least a small amount of water around to douse the smoke bomb if things get out of regulate. And if you really desire to store it safe, wear a filter mask as soon as you burn it.