Today I’m going to talk you through a quick tutorial on exactly how to make a review only Discord channel. A review only channel is great for a rules or announcement channel wright here you just desire specific world via accessibility to post. To obtain started, develop your channel and follow the actions below.

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Create a text channel by clicking Create Channel from the left hand also food selection and choose Text Channel. Give your new channel a name.Click the Edit Channel symbol (equipment icon) alongside the new channel name. To make your channel read only, go to Permissions and then uncover Send Messages under Text Pergoals. Select the red “X” beside Sfinish Messeras and this will disable anyone other than for designated persons from sending messperiods on the channel.
Click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. Go back to the primary Discord server page. To designate just specific world to write-up in the review only channel, go to the server drop down in the top left corner and also go to Server Settings. Under Server Setups, go to Roles. From here you can develop roles that will certainly have actually accessibility to that specific channel.After you asauthorize or develop functions and also modify settings, click the green Save Changes switch at the bottom of the page. 

everyone. Click the addition symbol next to Roles-Members and choose the role you simply developed. Make certain the green check mark is selected next to Sfinish Messperiods so that duty has permission to post on the channel. Click the green Save Changes switch.


I hope this tutorial on exactly how to make a read just Discord channel was useful. If you have any kind of inquiries, feel complimentary to leave those in the comments listed below. 

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