Learning how to roll a slow-burning joint will take your existing cigarette smoking endure and make it twice as pleasant.

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The trick to making a joint burn much longer is to load it tightly with high-top quality, nicely ground weed and also to use rolling documents that burn sreduced.

Once all the boxes are checked, your joint will burn even more evenly and also the resulting high will be more powerful, as you’ll have actually more time to break down all energetic compounds present in cannabis flowers.

Apply some of these 10 tips and your joints will instantly last longer.

Get high quality weed

The quality of the buds you’re making use of is the initially component to rolling a slow-burning joint. Properly cured buds burn nicely and evenly, offering longer-lasting experience.

Under-cured buds burn also sluggish, while old and dry weed burns a lot quicker. So following time you go to your dispensary ask your budtender to recommfinish you some high-high quality weed.


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Use a grinder

First points first: Grinding your weed prior to rolling is a have to. A loose grind and bigger pieces of weed burn fast and uneven.

Breaking the buds up right into also pieces will certainly make all parts of your joint burn more evenly. The finest method to carry out that is to usage a grinder, but tright here are additionally more than a couple of methods to grind your weed without making use of a grinder.

Metal grinders break weed into smaller pieces and also have actually a smovarious other grinding action than grinding cards or your own fingers.

Hand also grinding is OK just if you have nopoint else to usage. In that situation, at least attempt to grind weed into the smallest pieces you possibly have the right to.

Grinders come in various sizes and also shapes and are usually made from either steel or plastic.

CAUTION: Do not overcarry out it. Weed that’s as well finely ground deserve to ruin your smoking endure as it deserve to proccasion the air from circulating through the joint.


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Choose your rolling paper wisely

As you could already know, rolling papers come in different sizes, materials and flavors and also they are vital for making slow-burning joints.

The thickness of the paper affects its burn rate.

Thinner rolling records provide more air to pass through, making the joint burn sreduced. That’s why my advice is to avoid rolling with flavored documents considering that they are typically rather thick and burn quick. Also, you have to avoid rolling joints through cigarette papers because they are just too thick.

Rolling files are commonly made from hardwood pulp, hemp or rice. Wood pulp papers are the most common in dispensaries and also headshops, unfortunately, burn much faster. Although they are great for beginners, they are normally bleached which alters their burn price.

Although rice rolling papers have actually the lowest burning rate, many competent individuals like to usage hemp rolling papers.

Hemp papers burn slower than lumber pulp papers, but are more sturdy than rice files which renders them a good option overall. Also, hemp rolling papers are usually unbleached and also additive-totally free, giving an extra even burn.

So, select either rice or hemp rolling papers and you’ll be golden.

Once you roll a joint, load it also tightly from the peak by using a toothpick, a pen or any various other thin object. Just stick the object into the optimal of the joint and tap the reminder a few times on the tough surface.

However, the joint have to not be rolled also tightly, or else the product will block the airflow and it will be tough to even smoke it.

If that happens by any type of possibility, here’s another trick you have the right to use to maximize the airflow: Take a toothpick and also press it from the peak of the joint all the means to the pointer, making a small tunnel. You’ll feel the difference once illustration instantly.

Baptize the joint prior to smoking

Baptizing a joint is to moisten it prior to smoking by putting the joint in your mouth. I recognize it sounds gross, however it does the trick and also many civilization are doing it to make their joints burn slower.

Here’s just how to carry out it properly: Hold the top component of the joint through your fingers and pull it via your mouth, moistening it with your lips.

What I choose to perform to make my joint burn also slower is, throughout the cigarette smoking session, I put a little little of my saliva on my finger and also very closely moist under the burns.

Turn it right into a twax joint

Twaxing is a term coined to define a procedure of adding weed concentrates to the outside of the joint.

Adding some hash either on the rolling paper or in the mix will slow-moving down the burning rate and provide a much stronger high.

It’s not simply that twaxed joints are cool and also appealing—they are also super potent. Concentprices contain greater levels of cannabinoids and also need to be used just by proficient individuals who’ve emerged a little bit of a tolerance to THC.

Coat the joint through honey

If you have the right to coat the joint through honey-prefer cannabis concentprices, why couldn’t you coat it through real honey?

Some proficient marijuana smokers have been coating the exterior of the joint through honey so that it burns also sreduced. For an added boost, you have the right to sprinkle the honey-coated joint via some kief.

Light the joint up evenly

When you roll a perfect joint, it’s necessary to light it up properly. Remember that joints don’t burn choose cigarettes.

Hold the joint over the flame of your lighter and also rotate it as you are lighting it.

Also, while you are lighting it up, take smaller sized, also puffs, and also don’t inhale the first draw. Do not take deep breaths, bereason it will certainly start burning much faster ideal amethod.

When the joint is lit, you desire the burning area to be nice and also circular—think of a smoldering cigarette glowing in the dark.

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Take lighter and longer hits

While smoking, attempt not to attract too much at as soon as. Smaller and longer hits will make the joint burn sluggish.